Gostop DS

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Gostop DS
Author(s)Ryu Seung-Ryul
[1.3 and 1.3 wifi patched Download]

Gostop DS is an apdaption of Korean card game, also called Godori. The game is played with flower cards called Hwa-t'u (known as Hana-Fuda in Japan).


After unzipping, there are 3 files. Choose the appropriate file for your device (usually you just need to copy GostopDS.nds file).

No need for DLDI patch as no files are used.

User guide


In Gostop DS, it uses the standard deck of Hwa-t'u which consists of 48 cards and 1 blank card (similar to a joker).

GoStop is usually played by 3 players. Whoever initiates the game will be the first to play in GoStop. However, the winner of each session gets to play first in the subsequent game. The play goes counterclockwise:

  • The dealer distributes 4 cards to each player, lays 3 cards face up on the table.
  • Then distributes 3 other cards to the players and lays 3 cards on the table again.
  • The remaining cards are stacked in the middle, face down.

The game is about matching and scoring:

  • There are 48 cards representing a family of 12 months, each containing 4 cards.
  • In order to match, cards must be from the same month.
  • For scoring, one must understand which cards belong to which scoring group, such as Kwang, Yul, Tti, and Pi.


The basic rule of the game is to draw one of the cards from your hand to match one of the cards laid on the table. Even if you don't have any matching cards, you still have to put down one card on the table.

Then, draw the top card from the stack and see if there is a matching card on the table:

  • If there's no matching card, then put down the card you just drew from the stack on the table.
  • Take all the matching cards and place them in the order of Kwang, Yul, Tti, and Pi on your scoring pil.

Whoever gets 3 points or more first can call for Go or Stop as the name of the game alludes to:

  • The game ends when a player calls for Stop and he/she collects the money associated with the points.
  • If the player calls for Go, then the game resumes.
  • While calling for Go can increase your winnings, the player can get a penalty if he/she finally loses.

The game has 2 difficulty options (Easy and Hard). If you select Hint from the options, a green square is displayed in the lower right corner of your hand on the right.


Due to the nature of the content, this game is for the age of 19.

100 points is the default, and the default coin is 1 million coins.

For the fun of the game, the voice is supported. The male voice is the other party's voice and the own voice is female. Also, the tile is not marked.

Since the correct score comes out well, dummy double skin is not supported, and only hard characters are displayed when setting hints in the options.


Control with Stylus.

Start - Exit game


gostopds2.png gostopds3.png

gostopds4.png gostopds5.png

gostopds6.png gostopds7.png



  • Modified to make the hand movement natural.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the deck came out when the com played a hand.
  • Added score registration function.


  • Level's easy and hard are reversed.
  • Modified so that you can see the hand hand when you are the president.
  • Fixed an issue where the same hand came out and crashed when selecting the second one when picking a line.
  • Move backwards so that the number of characters is clearly visible.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the first hand disappears after selecting a hand when picking up a new hand after the game.


  • Added a function to exit by pressing the start key during the game.
  • Fixed the 4th position being out of position when it was a gun barrel.
  • 1 Sol Hongdan plaque is not visible bug fixed.
  • Other minor fixes.


  • First Release.

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