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Dolphin Reader
AuthorChris Liu
Last Updated2010/02/04

A reader that allows multiple books, persistant bookmarking, easy to read fonts (2 sizes) and assignable text and background colours. You can convert books to .dr files and Dolphin Reader can read them.


  • Support txt and html files.
  • Chinese display, complete coverage GBK encoding.
  • 14 * 14 and 16 * 16 two fonts.
  • Customizable font color, background color and background image.
  • Adjust the line spacing.
  • Read full touch pen support.
  • Automatic/manual bookmarks.
  • Time display.
  • Brightness adjustment.
  • Support aggregate cap Sleep.
  • Custom font.
  • Support dual screen.


Download and extract file.

Copy the .nds rom to flash card.

Place a .txt file in the /Book/ directory.

Run conv.cmd, the book should convert into .dr files in the /DRBook/ directory.



  • Convert large files generated the dr file into a separate directory, reading more convenient (thank the playing friends hk recommendations).
  • Read the file cache and highlight mark.
  • Fixed some Chinese characters (such as "Xiao") at the beginning of the file name can not be displayed properly.

Build_20090116 (Chinese New Year Special Edition)

  • Add manual bookmarks.
  • Increase in single-screen mode.
  • DS longer reading friends can turn off the automatic archiving and the use of a single screen.
  • Thank Nayan Friendly Special Edition theme pictures.


  • Custom font.
  • Own friends the font increased the smaller font small.drf, for like the small font selection.
  • Evie produced more nice background image for everyone to selection.
  • Support the upper and lower screen using a different picture as the background.


  • Joined the line spacing settings.
  • The reading interface more convenient keys: on key instead return to the file selection interface, the next key to open / hide the status bar instead.
  • Fixed touch screen no response on the part of the flashcard.


  • Fix the old version of NDS (non-NDSL) machine backlight off. The old version of the NDS you with this version. Has download build20081020 version NDSL yous do not need to update to this version.

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