You Have To Burn The Rope DS

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You Have To Burn The Rope DS
Version19 August 2009

You Have To Burn The Rope DS (Abbreviation: YHTBTRDS) is ​a remake of Flash game on PC, You Have To Burn The Rope, originally made by the Swedish student Kian Bashiri (Mazapán). The game was created as a satire which take no time to finish it, this DS port is aimed to recreate the game with additional functions and to add replayability.

This homebrew was participated in the NEO Summer Coding Compo 2009, ranked 4th under Game section.


  • A map on the top screen or double-screen.
  • 16 achievements.
  • 16 game modificators.
  • Can skip the ending video.
  • A main menu and pause button.
  • Can adjust camera with touchscreen.

User guide

Menu options

  • Game - Enter the game with mods (if activated prior).
  • Improvements - Information on version improvements.
  • Achievements - Various secrets to discover in the game. There are a total of 16, it shows you all the achievements names, it's up to you to discover how to do it. Some are fun, some are tough.
  • Mods - Cheats that can be activated in the game. Some achievements are disabled when activated, some are needed to have an achievement.


At the end of the level, you go up against a boss in a fight, otherwise known as the Grinning Colossus.

For you to escape unscathed, you must jump to one of the torches on the wall and use it to burn the rope that hangs the chandelier from the ceiling. And just like in any slapstick comedy sequences, the chandelier will then drop on the boss, which will then significantly weaken him. Then you can go ahead throw your axes at him for good measure.

Cheat sheet

No. Achievements Difficulty Comments/Tips
1 Where should I go? ** Finding it is the hardest part. You are so lost that you don't know what to do.
2 Touch Me, Touch Me, I wanna feel your body. * So easy. Only the first 4 words are important.
3 Madness? This...Is...SPARTHA! ***** Do something that is almost impossible. You will have to try a lot of times.
4 Oh!I saw something over here! ** Not so hard. You just need to find what to do. But finally, there were nothing. Why did you go there anyway?
5 DIE! DIE! DIE! **** Hard to find, kind of. You want that boss to die. Even with your small size. Even if he is already dead.
6 Where are they coming from? ** You could find it yourself, or completely randomly by playing a couple of times. You always use them, but you are wondering if there is an ending to those.
7 There is no turning back. * Achievement based on a friend's idea. It's a fun that it's sealed.
8 I can't see it from here! ** Not hard to do, hard to find. Maybe randomly too. Even if the Grinning Collosus is tall.
9 At least you tried... ** Just try something and it may work. Or randomly too. You were wondering if it could be killed by another way
10 Ouch! That must hurt! **** Findable. But you have to know...Does this hat bring me invincibility? It seems my head can never break.
11 BATHROOOOOOOM! ** Kind of easy. And fun. Just pause the game so you can finally go to the bathroom!
12 ARG! THOSE PLATFORMS! ***** It came out to be extremely hard (Hints: Let's light up some light; I see so much nothing around here).
13 Left And Right Confusion. ** Initial ideas: You are playing on a emulator, don't you? Press Left and Right at the same time. But it's DS-Impossible. Have you tried mods yet?
14 You never played right? *** Pretty fun. What would you do to win if you never knew You Had To Burn The Rope?
15 This is what I call timing. **** Hard to do. You cannot do it by playing only one time. Two times should be enough, if you have Timing.
16 Chasing those stars. *** It's supposed to be easy to find what to do, now find the stars (Thanks Franz24 for the idea). You need to move the camera to find them.


Stylus - Activate mods, Move screen around the character

Left/Right - Move character

Up/B - Jump

Down - Throw an axe (with cheat activated)

Start - Pause game, Resumed

Select - View map on the top screen (as long as No-Map cheat is not activated), Back to the menu (during pause)


yhtbtrds2.png yhtbtrds3.png


Tested on:

iTouchDS (firmware 3.7g)
M3 DS Real (firmware 4.7h)
R4i-SDHC (firmware 1.09b)
Acekard 2i (firmware 4.21 and AKAIO firmware 1.6RC2)



  • 6 new mods.
  • 27-Seconds timer - 0 Achievements.
  • Having a pistol instead of axes - 5 Achievements.
  • Low Gravity - 5 Achievements.
  • Automatic walking - 10 Achievements.
  • Olympic mod (Really fun) - 12 Achievements (NOTE:DESACTIVATE ALL OTHER MODS).
  • Secret AWESOME mod, find how to activate it - 5 Achievements (NOTE:DESACTIVATE ALL OTHER MODS).
  • A new special achievement: Chassing those stars.
  • You need to collect 5 stars all scaterred around the "world".
  • Various bugfixes, majority of them are graphical-only. These are being fixed.
  • Walking backward while being hit.
  • Gravity not being correct when being hit.
  • Passing through wall when super-jump and hyperspeed was activated.
  • Some others.

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