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Canyon DS
Last Updated2011/05/08

Canyon DS is a Canyon Bomber Arcade emulator. It supports DSi mode, with 2 players options through NIFI.


Note: In order to use this emulator, you will need to obtain MAME roms.

Download and extract file.

DLDI patch .nds file and copy it to the root directory of the card.

Put the MAME's ROM files at the root or in the /MAMERoms/ subdirectory on flashcard.

User guide

Supported games

Name ROM Parent ROM
Canyon Bomber canyon
Canyon Bomber (prototype) canyonp canyon

2 Players (NIFI)

Launch server:

  • Select the set and the settings.
  • Press A to launch the game normally.
  • Once the rom is initialized, press Select to launch the server.
  • A player waiting screen appears.
  • The B key allows you to return to normal mode if necessary.

Launch client:

  • Select the same set as the server (the settings will be ignored).
  • Press Start to launch the game in client mode.
  • A screen for selecting waiting players appears (DS name + MAC address).
  • If necessary (several players waiting) select the right player with the D-Pad.
  • Press A to start the 2 player game.
  • The B key allows you to return to the menu if necessary.

Confirm server:

  • When a player wishes to play a message confirmation appears.
  • Press Y to start the game with this player or X to reject this player.
  • If the server has been started on the title screen with at least 2 tokens the game starts automatically.

In 2 players mode:

  • Each player can then press Start to join the game.
  • Each player can add tokens by pressing X.
  • The server DS controls the player in black and the client DS controls the white one.
  • If blocked for more than one second, it is possible to return to single player mode by pressing Select.
  • Once back in solo mode 2 players control the black one (the other will still be present on screen but uncontrollable).
  • State loading is not available in 2 player mode but state saving is still available.



Stylus - Select game, language and mission

D-Pad - Select game and mission

L/R - Select language

A - Play selected game

In game:

X - Insert coin

Start - Start game (one player)

Select - Start game (two players NIFI mode)

A - Fire

R - Save state

L - Load state

Y - Yes, Confirm save/load state

X - Exit, Cancel save/load state


canyonds2.png canyonds3.png



V1.1 2011/05/08

  • Compiled with libnds libnds 1.5.0+ & devkitarm R32.
  • Compatible with CYCLODS iEvolution B6 in DSi mode.

V1.0 2010/12/20

  • First version.
  • Compiled with devkit pro R32 and libnds 1.4.8+ for
  • NIFI Version.
  • File rom is unziped by the emulator.


MAME Teams.

Reesy for DrZ80 emulator.

Kukulcan for the menu.

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