GBA Jpeg Viewer

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GBA Jpeg Viewer
AuthorTony Savon
Last Updated2004/09/09

GBA Jpeg Viewer is a tool to display Jpeg pictures on your Game Boy Advance.


  • For both GBA and GBA SP.
  • Display JPEG pictures in a slide-show fashion.
  • Play background music.
  • 101 smart uses.


Run the GBAJpegPacker included in the zip file.

Open or drop the pictures in the list box and press the Create GBA rom... button.


Image viewer:

L/R - Browse the pictures of your slideshow

A+L/R - Skip 10 pictures

B+L+R - Skip 100 pictures

A+B - Jump to a random picture

Start+Select - Reset or to exit to Pogoshell

Select - Bring up a simple help screen

Start+R - Start slideshow mode

Start+L - Switch to thumbnails mode

Thumbnails mode:

D-Pad - Move cursor, Scroll image (zoom)

L/R - Skip a page

A - Delect a picture

A+Up/Down - Adjust brightness

A+Right - Zoom zoomable pictures

A+Left - Bring up the options panel



gbajpegviewer4.png gbajpegviewer5.png gbajpegviewer6.png


The GBA rom can be loaded by a GBA emulator like Visual Boy Advance or a real Gameboy Advance using a flash2advance or a similar backup tool.

Note that the rom lacks all the standard copyright and crc infos of Nintendo, and so it's not recognized by GBA as a valid rom. If you are running it on a real console you should use a loader or the Pogoshell.



In Packer:

  • Switched to jpeglib: Improved Jpeg Packing.
  • Headers are automatically fixed with gbarm, now GBA Jpeg Viewer should work with all flashcarts.
  • Rewrote Bilinear and Bicubic resize, now they are up to four times faster.

In Viewer:

  • Can play background music. It sounds crazy to me too, but so many peopole asked for this feature that I had to add it.
  • Slighlty Faster jpeg decoding.


  • New progressive mode: Pictures are drawn in 2 passes. Please note that this feature simulates progressive jpegs but real progressive jpegs are not supported by GBA Jpeg Viewer.
  • 20% Faster Jpeg decoding.
  • Added Options screen: Lets you mess with some basic aspects of the viewer.
  • Changes are now saved to SRAM.


  • Better Jpeg packing (smaller files at the same quality).
  • Faster Jpeg decoding.
  • Added a "Back to Pogoshell" function for Pogoshell users (like me). Thanks to Reesy for help.


  • Added a color dithering system: greatly enhanches display quality.
  • In thumbnail mode more infos on the pictures are shown.
  • Added pause option in slideshow mode.
  • New Graphics for menus.
  • In Jpeg Packer added settings for brightness and contrast.
  • Slighlty faster jpeg packing.

V2.2 -Added Project Load/Save -Added a thumbnail system


  • Support for bigger pictures with zoom/scrolling.
  • New graphic interface in Viewer.
  • Some minor changes in Packer.


New Features:

  • Brand new Jpeg decoding engine: up to 3 times faster.
  • Added a password system.
  • Added a basic area selection option to encode only a part of a picture (useful when encoding comics).
  • Added a Sharpen/text enhancement option (again:useful for comics). Use carefully because it slightly slows down decompression and increases jpeg size.


  • Some minor bugs in png decoding in Jpeg Packer fixed.
  • Tab order in packer fixed for proud keybord users.


New Features:

  • Added a Rom size preview feature in Jpeg packer.
  • Better quality in Jpeg encoding.
  • Added a rom options button to specify rom internal name (required by some flash program).
  • Added a slideshow mode in Jpeg viewer.
  • Added a nice "about box" in Jpeg packer (based on an idea by Tangor Fopper).
  • Added dynamic brightness adjustment in Jpeg viewer.
  • Small pictures are now centered in GBA display.
  • Jpeg decoding is now 10-15% faster.


  • Some nasty buttons sequence freezed Jpeg Packer.


New Features:

  • Added "Gamma correction".
  • Added "Insert pictures" feature, to import pictures at a specific point in the list, first requested by Aghnar Le Bisaieul.
  • Added "Jump to Random picture", skip +-10 and +-100 pictures.
  • Added an image counter, first requested by Dermot Mac Flannchaidh.
  • Added "Reset", first requested by Jim Parask.
  • Added up and down buttons in GBA Jpeg packer and the ability to remove pictures pressing the "DEL" key, first requested by Phil Holden.
  • Added a simple help screen.


  • Loading many pictures at a time with the add... button instead of drag and drop didn't work well. First reported by Zhao DingAn, Thanks Zhao.


  • First release.

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