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bookr by nct2k
Last Updated2011/06/08
Version8.1 Signed

This is a document reader for the Sony PSP, made by Nguyen Chi Tam (nct2k) based on bookr v0.7.1.

It supports plain text, PDF, CHM, HTML, DJVU, PalmDoc documents.


Download contains version 8.1 by nct2k, v8.1 signed by HomebrewStore Development Team and external font pack (optional CJK PDF support).

To install, copy the Bookr folder to your ms0:/PSP/GAME/ folder.

(Optional) In order to support Chinese, Japanese and Korean PDF documents an external font pack must be downloaded and installed:

  • Create the following folder to ms0:/PSP/GAME/Bookr/fonts/.
  • Extract the contents of the file into the fonts folder.

User guide

CHM file

When you choose to open an CHM file, Bookr will try to extract the CHM content to the cache folder (no need to extract later).

The extracting job will be executing in background if the CHM contains valid HHC file (table of content); otherwise Bookr will try to extract all htm files first and open the index.htm file as start page.

In worst case, it will list all the htm files extracted. Then the extracting thread will continue to extract all other files such as images, css...

So you may see pages with all images missing at first; but after the Memory Stick LED light stop blinking (indicate 'extracting complete'), please refresh the page to see the full content page.

Bookr opens a Browser with 2 tabs: TOC and Content; please use Square+L/R to switch between them.


Triangle/Square - Next/Previous page

Cross/Circle - Next/Previous 10 pages

D-Pad - Screen up/down/right/left

R/L - Zoom in/out

Start - Menu

Select - Tools







Bookr V8.1 HBS (by HomebrewStore Development Team)

  • Minor code edits to support official firmware.

Bookr V8.1 (by Nguyen Chi Tam)

  • Fixed crash when opening PDF file which has many pages.
  • Enhance MuPDF, uses less memory.
  • Merged with latest source code from CVS with following enhancements:
    • DJVU support by Yang.Hu (findreams at gmail dot com).
    • Control/GUI enhancements by Christian Payeur (christian dot payeur at gmail dot com).

Bookr V8.0 (by Nguyen Chi Tam)

  • Uses internal Internet Browser to display CHM/HTML files.
  • Can convert Vietnamese HTML content to display on Internet Browser (which at the moment does not support Vietnamese Codepage).
  • Uses swap button correctly.



  • Carlos Carrasco Martinez and Edward Choh (Original).
  • Christian Payeur (Control/GUI enhancements).
  • Yang.Hu (DJVU support).
  • Nguyen Chi Tam (CHM, HTML support).


  • MuPDF library - By Artifex Software, Inc. licensed under the AFPL license.
  • chmlib 0.39 by Jed Wing.
  • VnConv by Pham Kim Long.
  • DjVuLibre 3.5 by Leon Bottou and Yann Le Cun.

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