Ock The CaveMan RPG

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Ock The CaveMan RPG
TypeRole Playing
Version06 August 2007

Ock The CaveMan RPG is a DS homebrew role playing game.

It was submitted to the Dev-fr Coding Compo 2007 sponsored by DS-X, ranked 13th in the Game section.

User guide

You are Ock the caveman. The dark magician, Dark Magician has been terrorizing a local modern village, infesting the world with monsters everywhere. The bravest warriors have all been slain in an attempt to thwart the monsters and the Dark Magician. All the rational men left refuse to stop the Dark Magician and Merlin, the good magician, being too old, has to call upon he goes back in time and picks up a caveman.

He realizes that cavemen are much stronger than regular men and much dumber than them and with that fact he has chosen upon a caveman to handle these foes and his reward?

EVOLUTION! Yeah, he gets to become a regular human after evolving for a couple of times.

Be warned though, you cannot unequip/use certain weapons until you have leveled up a bit and evolved. A first level caveman can only have on a spear. A second level can have a club/spear. And a human can have anything on.

So go ahead and defeat the monsters and mingle with the towns folk. Some of them are only available during certain hours though, and I probably should have added more than a few side quests.


Y - Start battle if preferred

A - Talk to people, Use stuff

B - Cancel

X - Show description of item (highlighted over an item)

Select - Inventory

R/L - Go to next section in inventory (e.g. Spells, Equipped weapons)



Known issues

Some of the sprites may not show up since it is over the gfx limit.


Created by tippy.

Thanks to mollusk for PALib.

Thanks to all the free resources out there.