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nandTool PSP
Last Updated2008/08/20
TypeSystem tools
Version0.4 final neo

NandTool PSP is a maintenance application to help keeping your Custom Firmware PSP running smoothly. Works best with a pandora/despertar cementario setup, but has now been ported to run under most known Custom Firmware versions.

This is an entry from the Neo Summer Coding Compo 2008 (PSP Applications, 3rd place).


  • Backup and partially or fully restore NAND data.
  • Backup and restore per PSP idstore information.
  • Check for and repair logical flash partition problems.
  • Provides some basic info about the hardware.
  • Elf loader working under 1.50 based kernels such as pandora or despertar cementario.
  • Backup and restore methods have optional usbhost support, MS mounting over USB also optionally provided.
  • Erase and format partitions provided optionally.

User guide

Please refer to the actual readme for instructions, take into consideration that certain features can impose irreversible damages to your PSP.

Developer warned that if you choose to use nandTool, be sure to make a backup - and by all means have pandora battery/memory stick at hand if you are trying out anything that writes (especially from the Eboot version, as the stick/battery are not a requirement to run it).


Logical repartition should now work on all PSPs except those with a lot of bad blocks (more than 80).

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