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Last Updated2009/04/19
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LicenseGNU GPLv2

PSPXTI a TI-92 calculator emulator by Ludovic Jacomme. It is a port of Jonas Minnberg's XTiger, which was initially written by Misha Nasledov as Tiger (for Linux/x86).

It is a port on PSP of the Texas Instrument 92 emulator for X Window Systems: XTiger.


Unzip the ZIP file, and copy the folder pspxti to ms0:/PSP/GAME/.

Note from developer:

A rom is available with this package, but you can legally use it only if you own already a TI-92. Please be advised that TI92+ roms for hardware version 2 are not compatible with this emulator.

User guide

Key mappings

You can switch between different mappings in the emulator window (Standard, L-Trigger and R-Trigger):

  • Standard mapping.
  • Danzeff On-Screen Keyboard (by Danzel and Jeff Chen). ​
  • Customizable IR Keyboard (from the file pspirkeyb.ini).

IR Keyboard

You can use an IR-keyboard with PSP XTI. You can edit the file pspirkeyb.ini and modify it according to your IR keyboard model.

  • 1 - Compaq/HP foldable keyboard.
  • 2 - Snap'n'Type.
  • 5 - HP Slim keyboard.
  • 8 - Belkin IR (not IrDA).
  • 9 - Flexis FX-100 keyboard.
  • 10 - Benq G250 gamepad.
  • 12 - Micro Innovations Foldaway keyboard.
  • 13 - Micro Innovations Datapad.
  • 14 - Compaq MicroKeyboard.
  • 15 - Targus Universal Wireless keyboard.
  • 18 - Freedom keyboard.
  • 19 - NOVAETS - KIS2 - IR Keyboard.
  • 20 - Palm Universal Wireless Keyboard.
  • 21 - Hama Palm IR keyboard.

Use the arrows of your keyboard to navigate through the menus. The Enter key is use to validate, and the Escape key to cancel.

Inside the TI-92 window, you can press Tab to return to the emulator menu.

  • The keys CTRL-A -> CTRL-G are mapped to F1 -> F7.
  • The key CTRL-O -> Diamond.
  • The key Ctrl-P -> 2nd.
  • The key Ctrl-K -> Hand.
  • The key Ctrl-L -> Home.

Load TI-92 Application files (92)

You can save any TI 92 files (with .92* file extension) on your PSP Memory Stick. Then press Select+L-Trigger+R-Trigger in the main menu and use the file selector to choose one application to load.

It may happen that the file is not properly loaded, and so you have to try again.

To manage applications already loaded in your TI-92, you can use the VLINK menu (activate button 2ND and press the "-" key).

You can find applications from and Official TI FTP site.

If you don't have enough memory to load all the program files you can use the Save slot option to save differents states of the emulator (save slot). You will then be able to load them, one at a time for different usages.

Load Key Mapping files (KBD)

For given games, the default keyboard mapping between PSP Keys and TI-92 keys, is not suitable, you can write your own mapping file to overcome the issue.

Edit a file with the .kbd extension and put it in the kbd directory. Sample and syntax can be found in the file default.kbd.

Keyboard mapping file can be loaded in the main menu. Use the Keyboard menu to configurate, load and save your keyboard mapping files inside the emulator.


TI-92 (Standard):

Square - Backspace

Circle - Space

Triangle - Escape

Cross - Enter1

D-Pad - Up/Down/Left/Right

TI-92 (L-Trigger):

Square - Apps

Circle - Diamond

Triangle - Hand

Cross - 2nd

Up - F1

Down - F2

Left - F3

Right - F4

TI-92 (R-Trigger):

Square - (

Circle - )

Triangle - Diamond

Cross - ,

D-Pad - Up/Down/Left/Right

All mappings:

Select - Enter in emulator main menu

Start - Open/close the On-Screen keyboard

Main menu:

R - Reset the emulator

Triangle - Go Up directory

Cross/Circle - Valid

Square - Back to the emulator window

On-Screen Keyboard:

Analog - Choose one of the 9 squares

Cross/Triangle/Circle/Square - Choose one of the 4 letters of the highlighted square

L/R - See other 9 squares figures

IR Keyboard:

D-Pad - Cursor

Start - Ctrl-W, Tab

Select - Ctrl-Q, Escape

Triangle - Ctrl-E

Cross - Ctrl-X

Square - Ctrl-S

Circle - Ctrl-F

L - Ctrl-Z

R - Ctrl-C




Developed for Firmware 4.01-M33.



  • New background images.
  • Add Load / Save states feature.
  • Text editor to write your own comments (or to read math courses).
  • Finally fix issue with "Home -> Exit".
  • Add settings menu.


  • Fix IR keyboard issue with fw >= 3.80 for FAT PSP.
  • Put Danzeff keyboard in a better location.
  • Virtual keyboard is now usable in the file requester menu to specify the first letter of a file.
  • Add music in EBOOT (Below The Arctic Ocean from Azhrak).
  • Tested with 4.01-m33 on PSP slim.


  • Add diamond, 2nd, hand and home as Ctrl-O,P,K,L with IR-keyboard.


  • Major speed improvements.
  • New eboot icons from Raven.
  • Add view fps and frameskip options.
  • Bug fix in the low battery watchdog.
  • Analog pad can be used in the rom file requester.


  • Now compatible with custom firmwares 3.x and PSP-slim.
  • Option to prevent the blue led to be displayed when L or R are pressed.
  • It has been linked with latest IR keyboard library so it should work better with Palm Keyboard.
  • The power '^' character is now properly mapped on IR keyboard.
  • Add a simple intro splash screen.
  • Support iso8859-1 fonts in print text functions (might be useful to translate menus in german, french).
  • Bug fix and code cleaning.


  • IR keyboard support.


  • New user interface.
  • Use Virtual keyboard.
  • Use SDL library.
  • Render mode max (fullscreen).
  • Add keyboard mapping menu.
  • New help window.
  • New background image.
  • Multiple keyboard mappings feature:
    • You can now toggle between 3 different keyboard mapping using LTrigger and RTrigger keys.
  • Delete files option.
  • Bug fix in the file requester.


  • Save state is now done using zlib so ram file size is smaller and as a consequence, it is much faster to save.
  • Bug fix (may display stange characters in the emulator menu).


  • Add new beautiful icons and background designed by Jer666.
  • New user interface with menus and usefull options.
  • Add Help window with all PSP shortkeys.
  • Save configuration file option.
  • Screenshot image option.
  • PNG images instead of BMP (smaller images).
  • Toogle between analog and digital pad option.
  • New keyboard handler and new mapping.
  • Bug fix (keyboard freeze etc).


  • Fullscreen feature.


  • Bug fix in 12 instructions of the 68k processor.


  • Improve keyboard stability.
  • Capability to change between aqua and classic skin (inside the application file selector window).


  • Works now with TI-92+ v1.x ROM.
  • Capability to reset the TI-92 (inside the application file selector window).
  • The TI-92 has now 256Kb memory.
  • Add GNU ROM Pedrom in PSPXTI package.


  • Improve aqua keyboard mapping (Functions keys are now usable).
  • New feature: capability to load external application file (.9xx file extentions).


  • Aqua skin.
  • Improve keyboard mapping.


  • Intial release with classic skin.


XTiger (TI 92 Emulator for Unix/X11):

  • Jonas Minnberg and Misha Nasledov.

PSPXTI (Porting on PSP):

  • Ludovic Jacomme.

Special Thanks:

  • WebCousin for the TI92.
  • SubZero for testing earlier versions of this emulator on 1.5 FW.
  • IR keyboard support based on the work of Harald Fielker (author of the PSP IR Keyboard Library).
  • Virtual keyboard based on the Danzel code.
  • Eboot music.

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