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NCDZPSP is an emulator of the Neo Geo CDZ, a home video game console released by SNK Coporation in 1994. It is an upgraded version of the Neo Geo CD that uses the same CPU set-up as the arcade and cartridge-based Neo Geo systems.


The official release comes with 2 variations.

  • 1.5_kernel - For FW 1.5 to CFW 3.03OE. Does not work on PSP-2000.
  • 3.xx_user - For CFW 3.10 to 3.72, recommend 3.52 or above (including 3.60OE of PSP-2000).

Copy the folder ncdzpsp to ms0:/PSP/GAME/. The following folders will be created automatically the first time you start up.

  • config - Folder for individual game settings file.
  • data - Wallpaper data folder (customizable).
  • snap - Screenshot folder.
  • state - State data folder.
  • roms - CD-ROM image file folder (ZIP+MP3 or uncompressed data+MP3).

It should look something like this

      |  |-EBOOT.PBP (NCDZ PSP main program)
      |  |-SystemButtons.prx (system button press status acquisition PRX)
      |  |-ncdzpsp.ini (settings file for NCDZPSP, created automatically)
      |  |-command.dat (command.dat for MAME Plus, optional)
      |  |-config/
      |  |-data/
      |  |-snap/
      |  |-state/
      |  |-roms/
      |  |  |-Samurai Spirits RPG/
      |  |  |  | (ZIP or uncompressed data)
      |  |  |  |-mp3/
      |  |  |  |  |-ssrpg_track02.mp3 (mp3 tracks)

User guide

Supported games

All officially released games will work on the emulator. However the raster effect used in some games is disabled by default on the PSP due to the heavy processing. Also note that some games have incomplete emulation.

  • Once started, the roms folder will be created automatically.
  • In this folder, create a folder for the game with a name of your choice, put all the files extracted from the CD-ROM or the files ZIP-compressed (with a name of your choice) together.
  • Sounds from CDDA cannot be played as they are, so convert them to MP3 format, create a folder called mp3 in the game folder you created earlier, and copy everything there.
  • The recommended MP3 encoding is about 96Kbit/sec.

MP3 naming conversion

  • MP3 filename must end in TrackNumber.mp3. Rename the MP3 files using the name of the game and the track numbers (separate with either "-" or "_", see examples below).
  • Correct examples for the track number (can be recognized) are mslug-02.mp3, track02.mp3, 02.mp3.
  • Incorrect examples for the track number (cannot be recognized) are 02-mslug.mp3, track_2.mp3.

Folder structure for uncompressed CD-ROM:

/ncdzpsp/roms/Metal Slug/ (game folder)
/ncdzpsp/roms/Metal Slug/mp3/ (folder for MP3)
Metal Slug-Track 02.mp3
Metal Slug-Track 03.mp3
Metal Slug-Track 04.mp3
Metal Slug-Track 20.mp3

Folder structure for compressed CD-ROM:

/ncdzpsp/roms/Samurai Spirits RPG/ (game folder) (filename can be anything)
/ncdzpsp/rom/Samurai Spirits RPG/mp3/ (folder for MP3)


R - Help Screen

Home - Menu


D-Pad/Analog - Direction

Start - Start

Select - Select

Circle - Button A

Cross - Button B

Square - Button C

Triangle - Button D





v2.3.1 Development version

  • Although it is the latest release, code prior to 2.2.x is used since it is a development version.
  • Supports communication play with AdHoc as standard (excluding NCDZPSP).
  • Use SystemButtons.prx, which is an extension of homehook.prx. (also used in 1.5 Kernel version). When you are using CFW 3.52 or higher, it corresponds to the volume display when the VOL +/- button is pressed.
  • Sound emulation processing is different.
  • The video emulation processing of MVS and NCDZ is different.
  • Since the free memory is reduced due to the addition of functions, it is possible to create a cache file. More games are needed. Also, some games may not start.
  • Since the screen update interval is adjusted to the PSP refresh rate, it becomes earier to synchronize with VBLANK. However in MVS, the game progresses at a faster speed than the actual machine (though it is not noticeable).

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