Scribble Jump DS

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Scribble Jump DS
VersionDemo 0.1 Fix 2

Scribble Jump DS is a Doodle Jump clone. This game supports DSMotion.

It is submitted to the NEO Coding Compo 2010, ranked 8th of Game section.


  • Original graphics, sounds.
  • 3 game modes.
  • 7 languages: German, English, Frensh, Italian, Spanish, Netherlands, Swedish.


Download and extract file.

Copy ScribbleJump.nds and data folder (with the subfolder scribblejump) to the root directory of the card.

To play this game in an emulator, you need an emulator like no$gba or deSmuMe and the file ScribbleJump.nds from the file you downloaded.

User guide


The Scribble jumps constantly. Move it to the right or to the left and have to get as high as possible by jumping on different platforms.

There are also items which help jumping higher or prevent monsters from hurting you. Currently it features 3 game modes:

  • Adventure - Unlock the next level by getting through.
  • Infinite - The play-all mode.
  • Own levels - Play your own levels.

For an introduction into this game, select Help in the main menu.

Level Editor

With the leveleditor you can make your own levels:

  • If you select in the main menu leveleditor, you have to type the name of the level.
  • If you want to load an existing level, simply enter the name of that one.
  • With R or L you can switch the screens. On the top screen you can choose, if you want to edit plattforms, items or monsters.
  • You can also choose, if you want to add (+), move (<+>) or remove (-) them.

This feature only work on the real DS.


Known issues

Error "filesystem not found": If this error appears you are either playing Scribble Jump in an emulator, or did not put the folder data on the root of your flashcard.


Demo 1 fix 2

  • There are now three modes:
    • Adventure mode: unlock the next level by getting through.
    • Infinite: the "play all"-mode.
    • Own levels: play your own levels.
  • If you only play one level (everything except infinite), the time is your score.
  • Each level has its own highscorelist.
  • You can play the level direct in the leveleditor.
  • Added an easier Stylus-Control (the second in option-menu).
  • Slower scrolling (if you need to scroll further, press UP).
  • Italian translation by Nhoya.
  • Spanish translation by fincs.
  • Fixed some other bugs and improved other things.
  • Changed the folder structure:
    • New levels are now in sj-levels.
    • Missions are in sj-missions.
    • hHghscores are in sj-highscores.
    • Missions have this format (no mission-editor yet): :level1;0;level2;0;level3;0;level4;0;

Demo 1 fix 1

  • Used PA_CreateSpriteFromGfx also for items and monsters.
  • If you play twice, your name is saved.
  • Some other little glitches.