Meteora Galatic Battle

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Meteora Galactic Battle
AuthorJerome Wax (X-Blaster)
Last Updated2007/08/21
0.8.0 & 0.9.2 Download

Meteroa is a space fantasy based god-sim game by Jerome Wax that lies somewhere between populous, world of sand and pong. From over 8 months of development, it is a game of strategy action in space.

It was submitted for the NEO Summer Coding Compo 2007 (winner). Verion 0.8.0 Meteora Evolution is presented in the Dev-fr Coding Compo 2007 sponsored by DS-X, ranked 2nd in the Game section.


  • An engine containing a garbage collector to avoid memory leaks during development.
  • Use the microphone for certain powers.
  • Use of gestures.
  • Visual effects (explosions, earthquakes, meteor streaks).
  • Use of dual-screen 3D (thanks to the ulib).
  • Sprites more than 1200 on the screen.

User guide

Meteora is an action version of meteos. It is a game where planets attack each other. You control one of the two planets and by sending mana your goal is to get your opponent's life to zero before you do.

You and your opponent have:

  • Mana (to use your powers).
  • A shield that constantly regenerates.
  • The clean energy of your planet.

Whenever you send an attack up the screen, your opponent will receive it (planets can be several light years apart). Your opponent can deflect your attacks as you might, ie by using his God Powers.

You must therefore send as many attacks as possible towards your opponent while trying to stop the attacks coming from your opponent.


Your planet has a certain amount of mana you regain all the time. Free the mana to deflect, destroy the enemy attacks.

Your Stylus acts as a magnet to which you belong. The more you're ready for a ball of mana, the more you attract, the more you are away, your pen is less effective. Keep this principle in mind as you play. To successfully send an attack so do not give a boost with the stylus but with your attack.

Powers of God

You can at any time use your powers of god. However, you should have enough mana and respect the cooldown (cooldown).

Some powers require additional action on your part such as creating glyphs or a certain breath.

The list of powers is quite long, it is suggested to read the list of powers for more information of each of them.


  • Instant:
    • Send a volley of meteorites towards your opponent (e.g. Multiple Shot). A formidable weapon, the more you use it, the less its cost and reload time will be.
    • You can direct your attacks with your stylus.
  • Charged:
    • These attacks will load over time (e.g. Frost Flame). 10 to 15 seconds and your mana size is maximum. Leave no respite and send this kind of monster on your opponent.
    • Merge the different types of charged mana together, they will grow even faster. Also remember to bring them back to your planet to grow your mana.
  • Shrapnel:
    • The shrapnel attack explodes at the slightest shock with an attack from your opponent. Indispensable to decimate an enemy attack or to create an effective defense.
    • Merge there with a charged attack to make it even more effective. If you manage to merge several shrapnel between them ... your attack can become ultimate.


  • God's wind:
    • The Wind of God can repel enemy attacks or send your own attacks more effectively. When you activate it, you have a limited time of use (icons available in the upper right corner of the bottom screen). If you blow on the Nintendo DS while the icon is visible, your breath will be transmitted in the game and it will allow many things to happen.
    • Be careful not to hyperventilate. The more you use it, the longer its reload time...
  • Change of sides:
    • When you activate this spell, you will need to perform a glyph in a limited time.
    • To do this, you have to touch the yellow symbols before they disappear. It is also necessary to make sure that nothing touches a symbol during the invocation of this spell. If you can do it right, whatever is on the screen will be yours. If you perform it during an enemy attack, that attack will be in your possession. You are free to return it to your opponent or to attract it to your planet in order to benefit from a mana bonus.
    • If you have a hard time at first, use it in conjunction with god's wind, so that the bottom part of the screen is blank while the glyph is running.

Power ups

  • Mana increase:
    • You can increase the maximum mana rate and the speed of your mana gain. Don't overlook this kind of power, they can actually play a big part in the game. Be careful though, the more you use them, the more they cost.


Up/Down - Release mana

Stylus - Attract mana

L/R - Use God Powers


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Brunni, Mollusk, Reppa, Benoit Charcosset, Audrey.

Everyone in dev-fr.

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