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Old School Library OSLib Sprites Lib
Last Updated2007/03/20
TypeGame engine

OSLib is a C library originally made by Brunni that greatly simplifies coding games and apps on the PSP, this library builds on top of OSLib to make animated sprites as easy as everything else in OSLib.

This is an entry from the Neo Spring Coding Compo 2007 (PSP Applications, 2nd place).


  • Create an animated sprite with only an image, height, and width.
  • Animation plays and loops automatically.
  • Control the animation framerate.
  • Functions to play and stop animation.
  • Ability to reverse animation.
  • Animation can be flipped vertically or horizontally.
  • Set start and end frames of animation.
  • Jump to a specific frame of the animation.
  • Create multiple sprites from one sprite sheet.
  • Create different sized sprites from one sprite sheet.


For Firmware 1.5:

Copy the two directories in the 1.5 directory to /PSP/GAME/.

For Firmware 1.0:

Copy the directory in the 1.0 directory to /PSP/GAME/. Copy all the image assets under 1.5 to the directory you just move.

User guide

Creating spritesheets from animated GIFs:

  • Download ImageMagick.
  • Install ImageMagick and open the command line tool.

Run the following commands:

  • convert +adjoin -coalesce animated.gif frame%02d.gif
  • montage frame0[0-9].gif -tile x1 -geometry +0+0 tile.g.if
    • The first command saves the individual frames of your animated gif.
    • The second command puts the frames back together as a spritesheet.

See the official guide for more info.


Brunni for OSLib.

Ren "Foxx" Ramos for Sonic Battle rips.

Anonymous for Metal Slug rips.

Lumo for alpha sprite.

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