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Net Yaroze Collection PSP
Last Updated2011/11/30
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This is a collection of of homebrew developed games and demos for the Sony PlayStation Net Yaroze dev console/kit. The Net Yaroze (ネットやろうぜ ) is a development kit for the PlayStation video game console. It was a promotion by Sony Computer Entertainment to computer programming hobbyists in 1997.

Many games made by hobbyists on the Net Yaroze were released on various demo discs that came along with the Official UK PlayStation Magazine (and other official PlayStation magazines around Europe) from December 1997 up to March 2004. The last Official UK PlayStation Magazine issue, number 108, featured a compilation with many Net Yaroze games. A regular PlayStation disc, featuring a number of user-developed games, was produced by SCEE and sent to PAL zone Yaroze owners.

This collection is based on the 83-IN-1 Net Yaroze collection by Michele Di Somma.

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Main Menu

1st Menu with 33 Games
2nd Menu with 33 Games
F-Racer Racing Gerhard Rittenhofer
Funky Beans Falling blocks Author unknown
Gasgar Multiplayer Author unknown
Gikadiver Vertical Shooter Author unknown
Laydion Limit Breaker Racing Author unknown
Manic Miner Platform Adny Noble
Ping Arcade Matt Veran
Ping Ping Arcade Matt Veran
Robot Ron Arena Shooter Matt Veran
Roller Action Matt Veran
Emotion Thrus-Types Matt Veran
Breach Vertical Shooter Author unknown
Defender Shooter Ben James
Magic Forest Action Author unknown
Katapila - Author unknown
Alien Looter Shooter Ben James
Squeak Puzzle Author unknown

1st Menu

Terra Incognita RPG Team Fatal
Blitter Boy Operation: Monster Hall Shoot em up Chris Chadwick
The Incredible Coneman Platform Lars Barstad
A Dog Tale - Author unknown
Rock 'n' Gems Puzzle Gerhard Rittenhofer
Total Soccer Sports Charles Chapman
Mah Jongg Puzzle Gerhard Rittenhofer
Haunted Maze Puzzle Edward Federmeyer
Bouncer 2 Puzzle Scott Evans
Stonegate Other Author unknown
Gas Girls (JP) Platform Author unknown
Hover Racing (JP) Racing Author unknown
Insects (JP) Puzzle Author unknown
Nana Tan (JP) - Author unknown
Cat Game (JP) - Author unknown
Tan Tank (JP) - Author unknown
Columns (JP) - Author unknown
A Bob (JP) Action Author unknown
Cart - Middlesex University
Bom! - Middlesex University
RC Race Racing Middlesex University
Pushy 11b Puzzle R Fred Williams
Psychon Shoot em up Ben James
Adventure Game Adventure Robert Swan
Super Bub Contest Puzzle Alex Herbert
Pandora's Box Puzzle Christoph Luerig
Opera of Destruction Shoot em up James Pretorius
Time Slip Platformer David John, Mike Goatly
Tanx 2-Player Shooter Stuart Macdonald
Decaying Orbit Space Shooter Dragon Shadow Industries
Bloxkz Puzzle Daniel M.Johnson
Video Poker Simulator Card Game ScoTT Cambell
Yaroze Rally Racing Harvey C.

2nd Menu

Net Yaroze Intro Demo Author unknown
Bendy Demo (EU) Demo Author unknown
3D Breakout Game (EU) Arcade Author unknown
Car Racing (EU) Racing Author unknown
Clone Doom Clone Stuart Ashley
3D Demo (EU) Demo Author unknown
Feedback Demo (EU) Demo Author unknown
Flag Demo (EU) Demo Author unknown
ManicX (EU) - Author unknown
Snave (EU) - Author unknown
Sound 2 Light (EU) Visualiser Author unknown
Tunnel Demo (EU) Demo Author unknown
Pune Yaroze (EU) - Author unknown
Car Demo (EU) Demo Author unknown
Between The Eyes Racing Lewis Evans
Second Offence Demo (EU) Demo Author unknown
Fatal Fantasy VII (JP) RPG Team Fatal
Fujiyama (JP) - Author unknown
にゅーろでふぁじーなシューティング PS Ver.T (JP) Shooter Author unknown
Appointed Station (JP) - Author unknown
Sam The Boulder Man - Author unknown
Gravitation Racing James Shaugnessy
Z2 - Author unknown
Combat3d - Author unknown
Revolution - Author unknown
Snowball Fight - Author unknown
One on One - Author unknown
Invaders From Mars - Author unknown
Hover Car Racing Racing Richard SMithies
Sphere - Author unknown
Super Ramp Skater - Author unknown
Inertia - Author unknown
Jagot - Author unknown

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Works on any Custom Firmware with PS1 support.

Tested on 6.20 TN-E HEN.


Di Somma Michele.

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