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Last Updated2011/05/01

VideoPrxModule is a plugin that is capable of performing video capture on PSP's screen using image sequences in GIF formats and take screenshots with a push of a button.

This plugin is a mod version of CoMeCoCoS's Capture.prx, which is based on ADePSP 's SV Capture Module (an adaption of the Video Recorder feature from the GTA Liberty City Stories CheatDevice originally made by Edison Carter).

It has been improved by TIM2001 to support PSP Go and newer firmwares.


There are 2 versions available (PSP and PSP Go).

For PSP version:

Place TIM-GIFplugin.ini to the root directory of your PSP, then place PSP-Rec.prx to the seplugins folder of the Memory Stick.

Open game.txt, vsh.txt in the same seplugins folder (create the files if they do not exist) and add this line

ms0:/seplugins/PSP-Rec.prx 1

For PSP Go version:

Place TIM-GIFplugin.ini to the root of your PSP Go internal memory, then place PSP-GO-Rec.prx to the seplugins folder of the internal memory.

Open game.txt, vsh.txt in the same seplugins folder (create the files if they do not exist) and add this line

ef0:/seplugins/PSP-GO-Rec.prx 1

User guide

How to use

You can take full GIF capture of the screen using the Advanced Mode or mini screen captures using Normal Mode.

  • Normal Mode (240x136) - Half the screen size.
  • Advanced Mode (480x272) - Can choose between Full (default) or Quarter (skip a quarter of frames).

Video files will be saved to ms0:/PSP/PHOTO/TIM-Record; BMP screenshots will be saved to ms0:/PSP/PHOTO/.

The locations of the screenshots, video files and key assisgments are configurable in the capture.ini file.


You can change any of the following settings in the file capture.ini.

  • ScreenShot - Assign button for taking screenshots.
  • VideoStartNormal - Assign button for capturing video in Normal Mode.
  • VideoStartAdvanced - Assign button for capturing video in Advanced Mode.
  • VideoStop - Assign button to stop recording.
  • VideoAdvancedMode - FULL_SIZE (full-size video) or QUARTER_SIZE (skip a quarter of frames).
  • Delay - Period of time each subsequent frame will be captured. Default is 100 (milliseconds).
  • Overwrite - Whether to overwrite existing video/screenshot when you record new ones. Default to YES.
  • PhotoDir - Location for screenshots. Default is ms0:/PSP/PHOTO.
  • VideoDir - Location for video. Default is ms0:/PSP/PHOTO/TIM-Record.

Note: For PSP Go please change the save paths for video and screenshots (replace ms0:/ with ef0:/).


Use Memory Stick with fast writing speed.

Make short videos (consume less memory).

Not having too many plugins activated at the same time.


Note - Image Capture, Stop recording

Note+R - Begin recording in Normal Mode

Note+R+L - Begin recording in Advanced Mode


Supported Firmwares:

5.00 to 6.60

Tested and works on the following Custom Firmwares:

5.00 M33
5.03 GEN-C
6.20 TN-E
6.20 PRO
6.35 PRO-B5
6.38 ME-3


v033 (mod by Tim2001)

  • Runs on FW 6.20 - TN-E / Pro 6.20 - Tested by: TIM2001.
  • Runs on FW 5.00 m33-6 - Tested by: fsi09.
  • Runs on FW 6.35 PRO-B5 - Tested by: Tron.
  • Plugin has been recompiled and newer Firmware adapted.
  • Direct video recording (GIF) accelerated by approx. 35%.
  • Plugin memory consumption reduced to 6.906byte
  • Special PSP-GO support (EXTRA plugin) created.
  • Plugin settings in the " ROOT: TIM-GIFplugin.ini " file.

old version (by CoMeCoCoS)

  • Plugin for dark_alex's 2.71 Custom Firmware.

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