Tiled Map Level Editor

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Tiled Map Level Editor
Last Updated2011/11/24

This is a level editor for the NDS made by Schmendrick to allow on-the-go level editing and testing homebrew platform games.

You can create your levels through a system of tiles, which are then put into collisions so that the character knows which parts are solid and which are not. The levels and are fully customizable, they can be resized, saved and implemented into your own homebrew projects.


  • Easy-to-use level editor with stylus controls.
  • Simple but efficient UI.
  • Generic level data format to be used in any game engine.
  • Show or hide grid, tile IDs or complete layers.
  • Level saving/loading to/from sd.
  • Up to 5 layers (last layer reserved for collision map data).
  • Dynamic layer resizing (when possible, resizing will keep your level data in place).
  • Customizable Parallax layer scrolling.
  • Built-in customizable playtest featuring Mario.


Download and extract file.

DLDI patch it and copy it to the root directory of the card.

NES Mario world 1-1 included (Mario.level). Copy the data folder in the zip to the root of your flashcart to use.

User guide

Levels can be up to ~500000 tiles in size (for reference, the original NES Mario world 1-1 is ~4096 tiles in size). This number is limited by the DS' memory only (4MB yay).

In order to make a level, it needs a tilesheet in indexed pcx format saved somewhere on sd card.

After making your own level, you can use the playtest to see how it plays in most common possible configurations, some of the options include the speed of movement, gravity and the length of the jump.

It saves the levels as .level files which can be used in your own game engine.

Readme/user manual included in zip (Level Editor User Manual.pdf).



Stylus - Move through menus

R/L - Enable movement around the map (using Stylus)

L+R+Select - Debug menu

In game:

Stylus - Set level

D-Pad - Move

A - Jump

Known issues

Playtesting may have some frameskips with crowded levels.

Layers may not display correctly with severely crowded levels.


Tested on:

Acekard 2i
Supercard DSTWO (firmware EOS 1.11)


Intermediate 111124

  • Fixed crash bug for AKAIO users.


  • Added autolog save (fat:/data/LevelEditor/console.log) on guru crash.
  • Added custom level save location.

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