A Touch of War

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A Touch of War

A touch of war is an advanced RTS game for the DS with online support.


  1. Download
  2. Extract the .nds file to the apps folder
  3. Run A Touch Of War from your apps menu



The L(or R) button is the only button you need, everything else is on the touch screen.

Select will reset and rerandomize the game.

  • Navigating

Tap L to swap the screens.

On Main Screen, Hold L and drag the pen to move the view. This can also be done with the d-pad.

On the minimap, just touch the screen or drag around to shift the view.

  • Selecting/Moving units

Touch a unit to select him, drag a box around several units to select them all.

Touch anywhere on the screen other than units/buildings to move the selected units there.

On the minimap screen, hold L and drag a box to select multiple units.

On the minimap screen, hold L and touch a location to make units move there.

  • Gathering/Building

Send workers near trees or gold mines to make them gather resources.

Send workers near newly placed buildings to make them build them.

In Defensive mode, workers will work on whatever is nearest them, and not stop working even if attacked.

In Offensive mode, workers will prefer attacking and repairing buildings over working.

If you have workers selected(you start with 2), you'll see two icons on the right side. Drag the House(H) icon to the left and onto the field to build a house, same for the Barracks(B).

Houses cost 125 wood and 125 gold, Barracks cost 75 of each, and towers cost 25 of each.

Houses produce more workers, select a house and touch the W icon to make one.

  • Military

Barracks produce infantry, archers, and cavalry.

  • Unit Groups

There are 9 slots for remembering/setting active groups.

Have a group of units or a building selected, tap an empty slot at the top left you want to assign it to.

Tap the number again to reselect those units.

Tap it with the group already selected to center the screen to their location.

Hold the number for a half second to erase the grouping.


Change log (v0.11c)

  • Another bug fix, this time with the group tabs. Groups weren't getting reset between games, so if you played two games in a row and selected a group created in the first game, the game would crash. Thanks to Pilot_51 for the info.
  • I also finally got around to writing the high score page for the survival mode, the page is fairly ugly(similar to the Explosive Gas stats page) but seems to be working properly.