PSP Battery Timer (nyan flavor)

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PSP Battery Timer (nyan!)
Last Updated2011/05/27
Versionstealth update

PSP Battery Timer (nyan!) is a PSP homebrew that helps you measure your system's maximum battery life, featuring the Nyan Cat. Made by snailface using Lua v8 euphoria.

It counts from zero and saving at 5 minute intervals for later recall (while the nyan cat does his thing). When you plug your system back in after the battery expires, the battery life, accurate within 5 minutes, will be recalled for your viewing.

This was submitted to the PSP Genesis Competition 2011.


  • It's got the Nyan Cat!
  • Signed. Can be played on any PSP, hacked or not.
  • Easy to use, just start it.
  • Customizable MP3.


Extract the downloaded ZIP file with 7-zip or WinRar.

Open it up and find the PSP Battery Timer (nyan!) folder and drop it to your PSP's Memory Stick /PSP/GAME/ folder.

User guide

Before you start it, make sure your sleep and screensaver settings on the PSP are off so it does not mess up the accuracy of the test. Fully charge the system.

Run the homebrew. Set the system aside until the battery dies. Plug the system back in and turn it on to view the saved battery life time.

Custom MP3

Rename any MP3 to song.mp3 and place it in the PSP Battery Timer (nyan!) folder for custom music.

Developer included a mellow tune in the folder as a counterpoint to the lively nyan theme (optional song.mp3).

Additional notes

During testing, the PSP goes into sleep mode right before the battery dies. When you turn it on, the homebrew will only shows the current time when it shut off.

This is fine, that Current Time was its battery life. If the battery is completely spent, you will have to restart the brew to find Test Results as the final battery time. Either way works.


Cross+D-Pad Left/Right - Change CPU speed

Start+Select - Restart music after resuming homebrew from sleep mode


Stealth Update May 27

  • Added FPS counter, Mhz selector, Battery %.
  • Lua bug workaround.
  • Cosmetic touchups.
  • Enable Mhz select hotkey: Press X + either D-left or D-right to change CPU speed (nyan responds!).
  • Bug Workaround hotkey:Press Start + Select to restart music after resuming app from sleep mode.

v1.0 Nyan cat flavor

  • Initial release.


Special thanks to InsanePotato who made the DS nyan homebrew.

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