Jewel Warehouse

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Jewel Warehouse

Jewel Warehouse is a puzzle-platformer by EgoTrip for the Nintendo DS. You must collect jewels on each level and then head for the exit. Spikes, acid, fire, force fields, puzzles, and more offer a unique series of challenges for each of the games 50 levels.

User guide

The objective of the game is to collect 20 jewels on each level, and head to the exit safely. You will encounter various traps, obstacles and puzzles along the way.

Items and obstacles

Switch Control force fields and conveyor belt directions.
Guardians Patrol either left/right (Ship) or up/down (Bubble).
Spikes/Fires/Acid Will kill you on contact. As will Guardians.
Water Drop Collect it to get 5 Water Shots. Can extinguish fires.
Yellow Crates You can push these onto spikes to make a path to the exit.


  • You cannot jump, you can however hold Down to float as you fall.
  • If a crate pushes you into a wall, it will squash you to death.
  • And be careful of pushing the crates into fires, force fields, and avoid acid as it will destroy them.
  • However, sometimes destroying a crate is necessary to solve a level. They will move on conveyor belts.


D-Pad - Move

Down (hold) - Float while falling

A - Control switches, Shoot water balls when available


jewelwarehouse2.png jewelwarehouse3.png

jewelwarehouse4.png jewelwarehouse5.png

Known issues

If it crashes after you have completed a level, you will need to power cycle your DS. However it should save your progress.

Also the start button can be unresponsive occasionally. If this proves to be too much of an issue then you can close the DS lid to pause the game.


Thanks to Another World's beta testing.

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