Detective Conan and Kindaichi Case Files - Chance Encounter of 2 Great Detectives

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Detective Conan & Kindaichi Case Files: Chance Encounter of 2 Great Detectives
AuthorDCTP Team
Last Updated2015/06/29

This is an English patch for Detective Conan & Kindaichi Case Files: Chance Encounter of 2 Great Detectives, a Nintendo DS video game developed by Namco-Bandai Games. The game is considered by many to be the definitive Conan game, which marks the first occasion that Japan' two most beloved anime-manga detectives crossed paths.

The translation project took hundreds of dedicated hours to put together over a matter of several years, between disassembling the game data, re-doing all of the graphics and user interface into English, and of course translating the nearly 500 scripts that make up the game's dialogue, and was finally released in 2015.


Game information
Japanese title 名探偵コナン&金田一少年の事件簿 めぐりあう2人の名探偵
Aliases Meitantei Konan & Kindaichi Shōnen no Jikenbo: Meguriau Futari no Meitantei
English title Detective Conan & Kindaichi Case Files: Chance Encounter of 2 Great Detectives
ROM information
File Meitantei_Conan_and_Kindaichi_Shounen_no_Jikenbo_JPN_NDS-iND
CRC32 A65CA929
MD5 A15C1FE5D34909E2E3983B9714DB2F4D
SHA-1 38DCB269E17C933F9C41D3D8EED25E6D8BBCA6E5
SHA-256 4BB7028B42B4DE6A7827BA663929C3B47239978BE4C3AC5A1F2DB6CCACB2758F

The patch is in xDelta format. You can apply the patch with either xdelta UI, Delta Patcher or MultiPatch.

Patch instructions can be found in the .pdf and the official website.

User guide


After receiving a distressing correspondence from a former classmate requesting his presence, high school detective Kindaichi Hajime travels to Twilight Island to investigate the anguish behind the letter.

Meanwhile, as fate would have it, Edogawa Conan has been introduced to a modern folktale by Professor Agasa - on an island in the south that serves as a premiere tourist resort, inhabitants have been mysteriously disappearing for extended periods of time before suddenly returning without explanation.

What's more: When they disappear, they are transported to an alternate version of that very same island. Intrigued, Conan consents to investigate the case while his companions vacation at the tourist trap known as Twilight Island.

As the mystery deepens and it becomes clear their two cases are more related than it first seemed, a grand case unfolds that requires the unmatched reasoning powers of both young detectives.


The game is played similarly to a visual novel, but with investigation aspects and mini-games incorporated. Players are able to visit various locations at a given time and examine the environments they come across.

The game is played from the perspectives of both Edogawa Conan and Kindaichi Hajime at differing points. A typical playthrough of the game will last around 40 hours.

The game spans seven chapters, with the seventh and final chapter allowing you to choose to play as either character. The final chapter is meant to be played as both characters to fully complete the game as it plays out very differently depending on the character you have chosen.

Notes for using emulators

Most of the game is controlled by touch or using your mouse. Later in the game, you will need to control Conan on his skateboard. The default keyboard controls for this are the Z, X, A, and S keys for the B, A, Y, and X buttons, respectively.

The keyboard's arrow keys control the skateboard's movement. These keys, as well as all others, can be changed in the emulator's Control Config, located under the Config tab at the top of the program.

Because of the small screen size of a Nintendo DS, most players will wish to change the screen size for more comfortable viewing on a PC.

To do so with uniform scaling, select View at the top of the program and then hover over Window Size and choose an option such as 2x. You may also maximize the window as with most other programs.


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Detective Conan & Kindaichi: Menu Test (2013 Test Build) [DCTP] (DCTP Detective Conan Translation Project)

Detective Conan & Kindaichi: Intro Movie (2013 Test Build) [DCTP] (DCTP Detective Conan Translation Project)

Detective Conan & Kindaichi: Prologue Gameplay (Early Test Build) [DCTP] (DCTP Detective Conan Translation Project)

Detective Conan & Kindaichi: Chapter 1 Gameplay (2013 Test Build) [DCTP] (DCTP Detective Conan Translation Project)


Works on DeSmuME and actual consoles.

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