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Attractive Pixelart App
Last Updated2010/08/29

Attractive Pixelart App is an application for creating pixelarts on your PSP.

It is featured at the Neo Retro Coding Compo 2010 (Retro APP).

User guide

Pencil mode

  • Draw pixel.
  • Fill color.
  • Pick color from anywhere.
  • Undo.
  • Zoom out/in.
  • Toggle scanlines.

Pick Color mode

  • Change hue.
  • Adjust saturation/ brightness on the graph.
  • Compare previous color to the new one.

Selection mode

  • Select individual pixels.
  • Copy, move, fill or clear selected pixels.
  • Zoom in/out.

Directory view mode

  • Save (.png format) and load. Please note the file must be 256x256 or smaller.



Select - Access menu

L+R - Change background color


Left+Cross - Pencil mode

Up+Cross - Pick color mode

Right+Cross - Selection mode

Down+Cross - Directory view

Analog Left+Cross - Quick save

Analog Right+Cross - Quick load

Pencil mode:

Cross - Draw pixel

Triangle - Fill

Square - Pick color

Circle - Undo fill/drawing pixels

Left/Right - Zoom out/in

Start - Toggle scanlines

Selection mode:

Cross - Select individual pixels

Circle - Copy selected pixels

Square - Move selected pixels

Triangle - Fill selection to bounds or clean selection

Start - Inverse selection

Left/Right - Zoom in/out

Directory mode:

Suqare - Save pixelart

Circle - Load pixelart

Up/Down - Move through directory

Known issues

Application hangs randomly while choosing color pick mode.

Fill tool sometimes forgets to fill the rightmost vertical line.

If alpha is not 100% and you change background color then any color you pick will become the background color (Can be fixed by changing background color again).

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