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AuthorSylus “Not Stylus” McFrederickson
Last Updated2008/11/05
TypeOther Apps

Pixelman is an application that you can make animated sprites to use in the creating homebrew or for save as small images. The latest release is completed with a new Sprite Testing Arena.

User guide

At the beginning you can choose to:

  • Load a sprite or create one.
  • Change the color of the template and the lines.

To begin choose the size and then start.


  • Gridshift - Shifting past one edge of the grid will wrap around.
  • Rotation - Rectangular sprites really won't rotate correctly at 90 degrees so instead, they'll rotate a full 180.
  • Zoom - All other tools are disabled while zoomed.

Other features:

  • Switch Screens.
  • Load a BMP background.
  • Testing.
  • And a few others (droppers, color selector, undo/redo up to 8000 times).


D-Pad - Choose color, Move around the grid

Stylus - Paint

Select - Clear the drawing screen

Start - Bring up options

L - Switch to change color palette

A - Stamp the current drawing to current sprite frame

Y - Take current sprite frame and place it in the grid

X/B - Change the current sprite frame

R - Start and stop animating the sprite

Up/Down - Increase/decrease the speed (while animated)

You can also draw with D-Pad, hold R and B with D-pad to change color and draw respectively.


pixelman2.png pixelman3.png



  • Added extra menu option on first screen to start Arena right away.
  • Added "More Options" to Options screen, and option to draw with DPad and B button.
  • Animations/Flips show on bottom screen sprite in arena now.


  • Added Zoom, Hflip and Vflip Tools.
  • Gridshift now wraps.
  • Rotation of rectangular grids now just rotates 180 degrees. May disable as 1 vflip + 1 hflip is the same.


  • Added option to go straight to the Arena from the front screen.


  • Moved tools around on main bottom screen and shortened the screen switch bar. This is still highly subject to change.
  • Completely re-wrote the file browser portion. You can now look through the entire flash card. You can even create new folders when saving sprites and palettes.
  • New tools, line, gridshift, and 90 degree grid rotation.
  • Arena mode for testing sprites animations and movement.
  • Added a "done" button to screen after sprite and palette are loaded. Pressing start still continues as well.


  • Went from subversion b to c because of a 2 small bugs. One where you could select a blank space when loading a file when there were less than 10 files in a directory. The other had to do with sprites being loaded incorrectly when both /r and /n were at the end of each line.
  • Added one option to top screen, press gear icon to turn top options on when screen is switched.
  • Press little icon near corner of palette to enable palette size changing. 8x8 blocks max, 2x2 min. Press same icon to stop.(small note believe it or not, both the palette and any loaded bmp are on the same 16 bit layer).
  • More Options button on Options screen is in progress, right now does the same thing as Done.
  • You can now see as many files as you want in the sprites, palettes, and bmps directories. Can't go into other folders though.
  • Fixed a couple of minor bugs, and one that kept multi-frame sprites from updating correctly.
  • Hold fill icon for about 1 1/2 seconds to go into persistant fill mode. Press again to stop.
  • Hope didn't forget anything.


  • Was compiled with new community build 080823. Confirmed it fixed issue with M3 Real carts.
  • There will be a little slider icon in the upper right. You can drag that down with the stylus to switch screens. Must drag it all the way or it'll snap back and not switch...
  • Buttonized most all options.
  • Made smaller top palette to utilize top screen more. Sprite shows on top screen instead of lower right of bottom screen.
  • Status bar on top displays some information about selections VERY INCOMPLETE, doesn't show much at all at the moment.
  • While screen is switched you can still select a color with the stylus. If you hold down on a color, you will see a small colored box slide over to stylus position. You can then drag your selected color over another color to swap them. Will be adding option later to have the whole palette shift instead of doing a swap.
  • Tools on the bottom screen are just in the order when they are added and will be rearranged.
    • First icon is dropper or color select too. Self explanatory.
    • Next is bmp loader, read down for more detail on that.
    • Next is undo and redo. Redo (as with most apps) is reset after doing anything new.
    • Can undo about 8000 times. if you undo more than that it will dump about 4000 at the end of the undo list and shuffle the rest down. Doing a lot of fills on a larger sprite will cause you to see a message saying "cleaning undo list".
    • Last is Fill, self explanatory. Will be adding a hold the button to stay in fill mode option soon.



  • Added binary save and load.
  • Added Restart button to options.


  • Added ability to have pixelman folder other than on the root of the card.
  • Added some failsafes so you can't load invalid files.
  • Combined Transparency color change with Palette color change (being on color 0 changes transparency).


  • Added a cancel or okay check to file save screen, and disallowed being able to save with no file name.


  • Modification of palette colors. It is intended to merge the transparency edit and palette edit into one option though, because it's a tad redundant.
  • Choice of whether you want to save palette or sprite AND choice of file names.
  • More files visible in palettes and sprites folders when loading.
  • Some slight look changes, and randomization of speed of the little intro graphic.

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