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Licks Media Player
Author(s)Lucas (originally by Lick)
TypeMedia player
LicenceGPL (open source)

LMP-ng is a music player for the Nintendo DS which looks just like Apple iPod of the extreme popularity according to the appearance; (for exclusive use of the music). It is compiled with DLDI libfat support.


  • Skinnable
  • Playlists .m3u


  1. Download and extract file
  2. Create folder name it "lmp-ng" on microsd
  3. Extract zip files to "lmp-ng" folder in microsd
  4. open "lmp-ng" folder in microsd and delete "lmp-ng-2-alpha.ds.gba"
  • Again do not add other files on "lmp-ng" folder, do not rename the folder and other files either. Putting the two versions of lmp-ng on the lmp-ng folder will mess things up.
  • In the end the microsd "lmp-ng" folder must have this inside:
folder named "skins" with two zips named alternative and default
lmp-ng-2-alpha.nds file

User guide

MP3 files can be located anywhere on your memory card and LMP-ng will find them. This is included with acekard 2 firmware so no need to download if you have acekard 2.Use fingers or touch pen is for the most part self explanatory.

To add skins go to

  1. Pick a skin on the list under skins, click on it and it will preview it on the ds
  2. scroll down, click download
  3. Put zip file on the "skins" folder inside the "lmp-ng" folder in the microsd

Supported Formats

  • mp3 playback
  • ogg playback
  • wav playback


Stylus - part of the control

spinning in a circle - adjust volume
tap middle - navigate song mode

R/L - volume up/down

Right or R/L (hold) - navigate song

A - next song

Y - previous song

B - pause

Left or X - menu

Select - lock the keys during play back

Start - display messages


Version 1.02 03/03/2010

  • Resume the project with the permission of Lick. Much more stable.