Metal Slug Combat

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Metal Slug Combat
Last Updated2009/10/29

It is a Metal Slug homebrew project for the NDS. The game features 15 levels, 4 characters and custom character creation, and more.


Copy the MetalSlugCombat folder and the .nds file to the root of the micro SD.

User guide

Game rules

  • If time runs out, the player with the most life wins.
  • The shot costs 30 life.
  • The knife costs 70 life.
  • The grenade costs 150 life.
  • The shield can withstand 7 shots, 3 grenades and the knife will go through it.
  • The end points are calculated with the remaining points of the following: life, bullets and shield.


  • Marco - The protagonist of the saga.
  • Tarma - Marco's friend, who was played in J2.
  • Soldier - Characters that are featured in the original game.
  • Slave - A tramp who gave you item when you rescue him in the original game.
  • Custom - Use custom character.

Custom character

  • Create a folder within the folder MetalSlugCombat with the name of your custom character.
  • Edit any of the characters from the additional package.
  • When you have the gifs prepared, rename to body.gif and leg.gif, then put them into your character's folder. .
  • Copy the file load.MSC to your character's folder.


Field selection (J1):

Up/Down - Select

Start - Ready

Character selection (J1):

Up/Down - Select

L - Ready

In Combat (J1):

Left/Right - Move the character

Up - Jump

Down - Activate shield

L - Shoot

Stylus - Reload pistol, Use knife, Throw grenade (done with finger)

Character selection (J2):

B/X - Select

R - Ready

In Combat (J2):

Y/A - Move the character

X - Jump

B - Activate shield

A - Shoot

Stylus - Reload pistol, Use knife, Throw grenade (done with finger)


metalslugcombat2.png metalslugcombat3.png


Metal Slug Combat (for Ds) in progress (mastersonicplus)


Tested on:

TTDS (unofficial firmware 1.17a07)
M3 Ds Real (unknown firmware)
Ez Flash Vi (firmware 1.90 OPENBETA 11)
Supercard DS Onei (firmware 3.0)
ITouchDS (firmware 3.3c)

Known issues

When you shoot the enemy, they keep the sprite of the shot they received, but they never go away.

Life can have negative numbers, just like time.

No pause menu.

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