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PSP-Maps is a homebrew application to bring Google Maps to the PSP with a simple interface. This program is not using the Google Maps API (except for address search), it is retrieving the images directly using the wireless connection. It is also compatible with Virtual Earth and Yahoo! Maps.

You can search for an address, add/load favorites, or just move around on the map. There is also a local cache which allows you to browse the maps offline. It is released under GPL so the source code is available.

It was participated in the Neo Spring Coding Compo 2008 (PSP Applications, 5th place), Neo Summer Coding Compo 2008 (PSP Applications, 1st place) and the PSP-Hacks Homebrew Idol in 2008.


  • Browse map offline.
  • On-screen information (lat/lon/zoom/view).
  • Windows version available (useful to build cache since it is faster).
  • KML files support, this allows you to add point-of-interest on the map.
  • Get directions from the PSP, to show the route from departure to destination.
  • Cheat-code to view Google Moon, Google Mars and Google Sky.
  • Motion Kit Support, you can move the PSP to move the map.
  • Danzeff keyboard support.
  • GPS support.
  • And more.


Copy PSP-Maps folder to your /PSP/GAMExxx/ folder.

For Custom Firmwares 3.90, please also try /PSP/GAME380/ folder.

User guide

Offline browsing

First make sure the disk cache is enabled (default). Then, when you are online, browse the map to fill your cache.

When you start PSP-Maps, you can skip the wireless menu. Now, you can browse your cache.


You can adjust the size of your cache in the menu (you must validate to confirm). The bigger is the better, but it will use some space on your Memory Stick.

The Cache Zoom Levels option is helpful to download a big map to your cache.

  • PC version:
    • If you don't have WiFi, you can use the PC version to build a compatible cache.
    • It can also be used to prepare a large cache (PC is faster than PSP). You will have exactly the same display as the PSP.
    • Arrows to move, page up/down to zoom, F1/F2/F3/F4 for buttons, escape for menu.
    • Copy the cache/and data/folders to your PSP. An easier way is to connect the PSP to the PC, browse to the PSP-Maps folder, and launch pspmaps.exe directly from there.
  • GP2X version:
    • You will have to build a map cache on the PC before.

KML support

Create a kml/ directory in your PSP-Maps folder. Copy the KML files in this directory. Currently, it only supports Points and Lines.

If you create an PNG image with the same name as your KML file, it will be used to replace the default marker.

You can easily create directions with this link (replace the towns in the URL).

URL updating

The file urls.txt contains the list of addresses used by PSP-Maps to retrieve the images.

If Google Maps does not work anymore, try updating this file with the latest version (you can now use Google China also).

Motion Kit

Since version 1.3 you can use the PSP Motion Kit with PSP-Maps.

Tilting the PSP will allow you to move on the map. Moving the PSP quickly up or down will allow you to zoom.

If you experience errors starting PSP-Maps, you can try to remove the motion_driver.prx file.

GPS support

Since version 2.0 you can use the PSP-290 GPS with PSP-Maps.

As soon as the GPS gets a signal, it will try to center the map on the current position.

You can disable this behavior in the menu if you want to manually move on the map again.


D-Pad - Move the map

Analog - Move smoothly the map

R/L - Zoom in/out

Cross - Next view

Square - Previous view

Triangle - Go to address

Circle - Show/hide informations

Start - Menu





PSP-Maps (Antoine)


v2.2 2009/12/14

  • Replaced radius scan with recursive scan.
  • Allow bigger disk cache.
  • Updated urls.txt for Google Maps.

v2.1 2009/05/03

  • Changed the default view to Virtual Earth.
  • Added OpenStreetMap support.
  • Fixed network errors that could corrupt cache.

v2.0 2008/10/08

  • Added basic PSP-290 GPS support.
  • Removed the spash screen.
  • Cheat for sky/moon/mars has been moved to the menu.
  • Protect .dat files from accidental overwrites.

v1.4 2008/08/24

  • Fixed get directions crash.
  • You can now save favorites with names.

v1.3 2008/08/20

  • Fixed Google views
  • Moved all urls to file urls.txt for easier upgrading.
  • Added directions entry to the menu.
  • Added motion kit support.
  • New splash screen for the NEO Summer Compo 2008.

v1.2 2008/05/29

  • Fixed Google Map views.
  • Added window title and icon for PC version.

v1.1 2008/05/01

  • Added experimental and basic KML files support.
  • Removed the buggy Google Moon visible view.

v1.0 2008/04/23

  • Added GP2X version.
  • Added Google Moon, Google Mars and Google Sky support.
  • Fixed Google Terrain view.
  • New splash screen for the PSP-Hacks competition with sound.

v0.8 2008/04/06

  • Better performance with big cache.
  • Added Danzeff keyboard support.
  • Fixed cache neighborhood option for hybrid maps.
  • Moved images, font and user files to the data/subfolder.
  • Improved memory usage.

v0.7 2008/03/29

  • Added Windows version to the release.
  • Added Google Maps and Yahoo Maps! hybrid views.
  • Added Virtual Earth hill view.
  • Added a list of available views in the menu.
  • New icon and screenshot.
  • Joystick should be less sensitive and more precise.
  • Added optional on-screen informations (lat/lon/zoom/view).
  • Geocoding now uses (and not .fr).
  • Load balancing between Google Maps servers.
  • Menu updated (smaller font, nicer coding).
  • Readme file was updated.

v0.6 2008/03/20

  • Added splash screen for the NEO Spring coding contest 2008.
  • Added a progress bar when shrinking the cache.
  • Added an image to help zoom in (show/hide with button Circle).
  • Updated the Makefile to remove old version number.

v0.5 2008/03/19

  • Added Virtual Earth and Yahoo! Maps support (thanks to boomerang for the idea).
  • Address search menu.
  • Customizable cache size.
  • Added an option to load neighborhood to cache.
  • Switched to TTF font.
  • Fixed a bug with favorites.
  • New buttons mapping.

v0.4 2008/03/15

  • Added a cache on the Memory Stick.
  • Allows offline browsing of maps in the cache.
  • Added a configuration file.
  • Added options to disable disk cache and transition effects.
  • Added an error image when view is not available.
  • Better zoom level (thanks to elefas for the tip).

v0.3 2008/03/13

  • Added a menu to load/save favorites.
  • Some nicer effects (zoom/unzoom, fade in/out, scrolling).
  • Removed the ugly splash screen.

v0.2 2008/03/11

  • Added a menu to select wireless connection.
  • The map loads faster.
  • You can now use the analog stick for smooth moves.
  • Added a cache to go back quickly to the previous views.

v0.1 2008/03/03

  • Initial version.

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