Triple Triad DS

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Triple Triad DS
[1.0 and 1.0.1 Download]

Triple Triad DS is a remake of the minigame from Final Fantasy VIII.


  • Adventure mode.
  • Wifi.
  • Collection.
  • Clear Data.
  • Autosave.

User guide

Play on a 3x3 table with a hand of five cards. Each card has four values: one for each side. The players take turns laying down a card, and if the value of the placed card is greater than the value of an adjacent card, the player can turn that card over. The player who turned over the most cards wins the game and takes one or more cards from the opponent.

The Combo rule is separate from the Identical and Plus rules (you can therefore play Identical without Combo, but not the other way around) which allows more possible combinations.

The game features an Adventure Mode (solo) to play against several opponents, each with different rules, and a WiFi mode to play with friends. You can see the list of cards and rare card that you have (or have lost) from the Collection menu.

On rare cards

There are 3 levels of rare cards (8, 9 and 10) and of course they are in possession of any opponents. However, they do not all play from the start:

  • For example the first opponent, Zell, will not play its cards rare level 8 at first, then when you unlock other opponents, he will play the other levels of rare cards.
  • This applies even if you lose a rare card, if the opponent does not play the rare card, try to unlock other.

Opponents to unlock

There are two conditions to unlock opponents. Everyone has one of them to unlock the next.

  • You must take some rare card to the opponent.
  • You must win a number of party against the opponent.

Cheat code

There is a cheat code which gives access to a hidden character in Wifi mode. In the character choice menu, all you have to do is spell the name to select it (Hint: it's a G-Force).


Stylus - Select and Move

D-Pad - Move

A - Select

B - Back


tripletriadds.png tripletriadds3.png


Does not work on emulator.


1.0.1 Self patched

  • Wouldn't run on Wood 1.45 unless the binary has been successfully booted once.
  • This version has been booted once (it creates save data inside binary).

1.0 Final

  • Another bug fixes.
  • AI decreased for the first 2 opponents and increased for other.

1.0 beta2

  • Fixed several bugs.
  • Added support English.
  • Added music.

1.0 beta

  • First version of the game.

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