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Last Updated2011/02/10
Version2.02 signed
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MasterBoy is an all-in-one Game Boy emulator for PSP. It emulates the Game Boy Color, Master System and Game Gear. The SMS/GG emulation is based on MMSPlus, which has been improved since then.

It allows you to fully recolor your games, not only by selecting one palette for the whole screen, but by recoloring each object on the screen. And you don't need to be a programmer, there's no romhacking (you keep using the original ROM) and it works for nearly all existing games.

This is an entry from the Neo Summer Coding Compo 2007 (PSP Applications, 1st place).

Note: MasterBoy was developed by Brunni and the last official release is version 2.02 (MasterBoy version 2.10 was a rebadged copy and was being re-published as another update version, as for EmuMaster).


  • Rich interface with discrete effects, redefinable shortcuts and buttons (with autofire feature). Also it's fully skinnable.
  • Manage and sort your favorites folders and files to acces them easily.
  • Integrated music player supporting GYM and VGM formats.
  • Several display options like Gamma and Color Vibrance, which allows you to choose how colored you want your display to be.
  • Z80 under/overclocker: allow you to correct games that are often slowing down or displaying glitchy/blinking sprites.


Copy the MasterBoy folder in the /PSP/GAME/ directory of your PSP like every other PSP app.

Then put your ROMs somewhere on your Memory Stick. You should regroup them in one folder, so that it's easier to find and play them.

In the MasterBoy folder, by default there are two directories: Roms SMS and Roms GBC, you can use these folders by default to place your games.

Start MasterBoy. It will display a menu where Load ROM is the first selected option.

User guide

Supported systems

  • Nintendo Game Boy.
  • Nintendo Super Game Boy.
  • Nintendo Game Boy Color.
  • Sega Master System.
  • Sega Game Gear.

Load a ROM

When selecting Load ROM from the File menu, you will be brought to a list of the folders located in your ms0:/PSP/GAME/ directory.

You can go to the parent folder by pressing the triangle button, or select a folder with up/down and cross.

When ROMs (GG, SMS, BIN, GB, GBC, SGB, CGB, ZIP) are available, they're displayed just after the folders. Press Cross to select one, the game will be loaded and started automatically.

For more details and setting options please see MasterBoy.pdf.


There are some (unfinished) color packs supplied.

Find the Colorpak directory and see what's inside. You can play those games with color in some scenes.

These files can be used for you if you want to create additional color packs for games.


It features a battery indicator, skinnable interface with nice effects and quite a lot of options.

You can also listen to your favorite VGM and GYM files with the included music player (in ZIP to be used as a playlist, see sample file


D-Pad/Analog - Navigate through Menu

Cross - Select

Circle - Cancel

Square - Reset settings (Menu)

Triangle - Save configuration (Menu)

L - Menu

Music player:

Select - Disable

R - Switch to next track

L - Restart current track

X - Pause





How to Play Gameboy Color ROMs Games on Sony PSP | GB & GBC Masterboy 2021(HeyHaffiz)

Astérix for Game Boy colorized (Brunni132)

Super Mario Land in color? (Brunni132)

Known issues

The bug that some people has, save states not working after saving/loading a few, is still not fixed. In between, if you have this problem, use the RAM state and save manually before exiting (or save less often).


v2.02 2011/02/10

  • Signed by Skutarth.

v2.02 2007/09/04

  • Eboot now has icon, wallpaper and sound (thanks to Ass-Itch from playeradvance for his nice BG/ICON).
  • Corrected the bug of SRAM not saving properly for some people.
  • Added the last save date next to the save state slot number.
  • Enhanced SGB emulation (runs nearly as fast as monochrome GB now).
  • Corrected the garbage showing in the border of the render.
  • Reworked the default palettes to be closer to the GBC ones.
  • But the new thing is a modification of VisualBoyAdvance to support colorization like MasterBoy.


Programming: Florian Brönnimann (aka Brunni).

Backgrounds: Sega power and Sega glassy - Japi; Game Boy - DJP.

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