Beup Live

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Beup Live
Author(s)kevinC and HtheB

Beup Live is an instant messanger client for the Nintendo DS that will allow you to login on Window Live Messager on your Nintendo DS.

Accorind to the author, as Microsoft took down MSNP9 Protocol,that means that Beup Live doesn't work anymore, since it uses MSNP9. The author downgraded Beup Live to MSNP8 (which still works) for the people who still wants to use Beup Live. The only difference is that there is no avatar support in MSNP8.


  • Wifi support for both Firmware and Custom wifi settings (SSID, IP address, gateway)
  • Select presence before logging in
  • Auto-connect option
  • Auto-reconnect on disconnect option
  • Both on screen keyboard and handwriting pad input available
  • Emoticon support
  • Custom keyboard support
  • Shows date of last message
  • Has built in clock
  • Scrollable chat window


  1. Extract the .nds file to your card's apps folder.
  2. DLDI patch the .nds if your card needs it
  3. Extract the 'BEUP' folder to the root of your card


L+R Shoulder buttons - Scroll between tabs

Known Issues

  • Hand written messages are not received

This is a known bug.

  • Can't find how to enter Access Point SSID

Tap on the word SSID to display all the Access Point SSIDs available to you.

  • Stuck at "Acquiring host info from DHCP"

Many Homebrew Wifi apps can't connect to Access Points using DHCP. The work around is to use a fixed IP address. For more details see Common Homebrew Wifi Problems.

  • Can't connect to Access Point with hidden SSID

This is a known issue with many Homebrew Wifi apps. Only fix is to unhide the SSID. See Common Homebrew Wifi Problems for more details. Note: If you unhide your wifi, then rehide it once logged on, you stay connected, even if your modem has to restart

  • SSL failed message

Sometimes Beup fails with the above error. It will try to reconnect automatically and normally success the second time.

  • Avatars are not downloaded

Beup will refuse to open downloaded avatars if their size isn't 96x96 (the standard).

  • Ink messages not received

Beup will refuse to open inks if they are wider than 256 px (can't present those).

  • Avatar downloads may fail

The official MSN client will refuse to send avatars if the last one was sent less than 5 minutes ago. That means that if you chat with somebody, disconnect, and then open the tab, avatar download may fail. (wait a few minutes, then try again).

  • Stuck at Handshake

The MSN dispatch servers changed last year, make sure you are using the files downloaded from the main website not any of the mirrors holding 'fixed' versions. Alternatively try rebooting your Access Point/router.



  • Fixed: You can login again with Beup Live.

(No more "Connection to notification server has died." error)

  • Changed from MSNP9 to MSNP8.


  • Fixed: Now you will not get kicked / disconnected after a minute.
  • Fixed: Should also be more stable now.
  • Use own Avatars
Note this is non-working in version 0.7.
  • Custom Keyboard

Create two keyboard files called keyboard.bmp and keyboard2.bmp (.bmp format 200px x 81px) Copy the two files to the 'keyboard' folder of Beup Edit the config file in the 'keyboard' folder if you have changed the layout.

  • Custom Smiles

Create your new smile files (.bmp format 10px X 10px) Copy them to the 'Emoticons' folder of Beup Edit the config file in the 'Emoticons' as needed. Use notepad to open the file.

  • Emoticon config file
  • List elements are in the form: emoticon "[pattern]" "[source]" (one per line!)
  • Pattern is the string to be matched, MUST be at least 2 characters long.
  • Source is the source file, must be a bmp file. Height must be max. 11 pixels.
  • Config File

When you run Beup Live for the first time it will create a file called 'beup-user' in the root of your DS-X. This file, which can be opened in notepad, stores all your personal settings including your password in an encrypted form.


HtheB, kevinC, Frigolit, .:Mik:., Dreamflat, Tassu,, eBuddy team