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KOPBAN: Create your own levels
Last Updated2007/09/24
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KOPBANPSP: Create your own levels is a level creator for the homebrew puzzle game Kopban PSP. It is made by Kaltorak, a Sokoban clone for PSP.

User guide

How to create levels

When you load the program, a black screen will appear with a box of white and red color at the top corner.

The box will be the pointer which you use to move around the screen and fill it with different objects to create your own stage.

When you finished your stage, tap on the Floppy disk icon and it will be saved in a folder on your PSP within creator called levels, with the creation order Nivel000.dat, Nivel001.dat, etc ​(to be applied in the main game).

A detailed manual can be found here (in Spanish).

Types of objects


  • Floor (white) - Paths/platforms for the character to walk.
  • Goal (red) - Final destination for the barrel in order to win the level. There must be one for each barrel.
  • Decorative (grey) - Can be placed under floor tiles to give the illusion that the ground is above the water.
  • Water (blue) - Character is unable to walk on water and can be used to make puddles. All the space left blank will be filled with water automatically when you save the level instead of filling every tiles manually.


  • Red barrel - This barrel will be sitting on the goal tile at the beginning of the stage. Can be useful for designing more complicated puzzles.
  • Brown Barrel - Set as many as you like but has to have the same amount as goal tiles.


  • Main character - The one and only character, able move the barrels.
  • Floppy disk - Save your completed level to .dat files.


D-pad - Move the pointer

Cross - Fill the current grid/box with the selected object

Circle - Go to menu

Left/Right (menu) - Change object

Cross (menu) - Select object

Start - Reset the whole screen

Home - Exit without saving




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