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Any Language Study is an application for studying Japanese words, grammar and characters. It also includes vocabulary lists of other languages, e.g. Chinese and Korean. You're also able to create your own word lists for the language you're studying.

It was participated in the Neo Retro Coding Compo 2011 (App, 4th place) and PSP Genesis Competition 2011.


  • Languages include Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Finnish, French, Spanish and others.
  • Common words, grammar and characters, from Basic to Advanced.
  • Open source project.
  • Create your own word list/vocabulary.
  • Customize the current word list.
  • Add picture word list.
  • Grouping word list.
  • Include example sentences and/or audio.
  • Configurate button order.
  • Creating custom style/theme (2 existing themes with the option to make your own).


Copy the folder AnyLanguageStudy v3.0 to x:/PSP/GAME/. Works with Game Categories too.

User guide

AnyLanguageStudy includes the following word lists:

  • English - Japanese.
  • English - Mandarin Chinese.
  • English - Korean.
  • English - Finnish.
  • English - French.
  • English - German.
  • English - Spanish.
  • Spanish - Japanese (all translated/contributed by Kassad).
  • Other.

Complete word lists

Hiragana (for studying Japanese basic characters)
Katakana (for studying Japanese basic characters)
Survival Japanese (a few basic sentences; romaji support for beginners)
Shopping Words (romaji support)
Verb Conjugations (romaji support for beginners)
Study Verbs With Pictures
Japanese Newspaper Compounds
vocab_jlptN5 (words required by JLPT level N5; romaji support)
vocab_jlptN4 (words required by JLPT level N4; non-cumulative; romaji support)
vocab_jlptN3 (words required by JLPT level N3; non-cumulative; romaji support)
vocab_jlptN2 (words required by JLPT level N2; non-cumulative; romaji support)
vocab_jlptN1 (words required by JLPT level N1; non-cumulative; romaji support)
vocab_jlptN5_to_N1 (JLPT vocabulary combined in a single file; romaji support)
kanji_jlptN5 (kanji required by JLPT level N5)
kanji_jlptN4 (kanji required by JLPT level N4; does not contain kanjis required by previous level)
kanji_jlptN3 (kanji required by JLPT level N3; does not contain kanjis required by previous levels)
kanji_jlptN2 (kanji required by JLPT level N2; does not contain kanjis required by previous levels)
kanji_jlptN1 (kanji required by JLPT level N1; does not contain kanjis required by previous levels)
kanji_jlptN5_to_N1 (JLPT kanji combined in a single file)
kanji_recognition_jlpt4 (kanjis that were present in JLPT4 1992-2004)
kanji_recognition_jlpt3 (kanjis that were present in JLPT3 1992-2004)
kanji_recognition_jlpt2 (kanjis that were present in JLPT2 1992-2004)
kanji_recognition_jlpt1 (kanjis that were present in JLPT1 1992-2004)
kanji_recognition_jlpt4_to_jlpt1 (combined the above)
past_vocab_jlpt4 (vocabulary that was asked in JLPT4 1992-2005)
past_vocab_jlpt3 (vocabulary that was asked in JLPT3 1992-1993)
past_vocab_jlpt2 (vocabulary that was asked in JLPT2 1992)
past_vocab_jlpt1 (vocabulary that was asked in JLPT1 1992)
past_grammar_jlpt4 (grammar that was asked in JLPT3 1992-1994)
past_grammar_jlpt3 (grammar that was asked in JLPT3 1992)
past_grammar_jlpt2 (grammar that was asked in JLPT2 1992)
past_grammar_jlpt1 (grammar that was asked in JLPT1 1992)
[Vocab]Japanese For Busy People 1,2,3
[Kanji]Japanese For Busy People 1,2
[Vocab]Genki 1,2
[Vocab]In the United Kingdom and abroad
[Vocab]Education, training and employment
[Vocab]House, home and daily routine
[Vocab]Social activities, fitness and health.
Japanese Grammar Sentences
Tatoeba example sentences in 16 parts ~10,000 entries / part.
Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi Simplified (Basic)
Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi Simplified (Elementary)
Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi Simplified (Intermediate)
Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi Simplified (Advanced)
Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi Traditional (Basic)
Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi Traditional (Elementary)
Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi Traditional (Intermediate)
Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi Traditional (Advanced)
Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì All levels (Traditional, Simplified, Pinyin, Definition)
Chinese Word List
Integrated Chinese 2nd Edition (Traditional, Simplified, Pinyin, Definition)
Integrated Chinese 3rd Edition (Traditional, Simplified, Pinyin, Definition)
New Practical Chinese Reader (Traditional, Simplified, Pinyin, Definition)
12x Chino word lists contributed by Grabiel
Most Common Korean Words For Beginner (hangul only)
Most Common Korean Words For Intermediate (hangul only)
Most Common Korean Words For Advanced (hangul only)
100 Beginner Topik Words (hangul only)
[Vocab]English-Finnish Intermediate
Most Common French Words
Intermediate French Words and Sentences
Survival Spanish (contributed by Kassad)
Spanish Vocab (contributed by Kassad)
SPANISH - JAPANESE (all translated/contributed by Kassad)
Shopping Words
Survival Japanese
Study English Verbs with Pictures


Up - Move up, Switch mode (e.g. English-Japanese -> Japanese-English)

Down - Move down, Switch mode

Right - Next page, Switch show (e.g. romaji -> hiragana -> kanji)

Left - Previous page, Switch show

Analog Up/Down - Increase/decrease font size, Move up/down

Analog Left.Right - Increase/decrease range, Move left/right, Previous/next page

R-Trigger - Next page, Clear list of learned words

L-Trigger - Previous page, Search

Square - Select, Answer, Play sound

Triangle/Circle/Cross - Select, Answer

Home - Quick quit (will autosave learnt words)

Select - Open a word list menu (will autosave learnt words)

Start - Open a global options menu (will autosave learnt words)


AnyLanguageStudy v0.8 (nakano)


V3.0 2011/09/16 (by Nakano)

  • Added a support for custom styles.
  • Added Quick Jump Menu (press triangle when choosing a word list)
  • Now it's possible to determine image location and custom break points/names for a word list.
  • User can set the button order in buttons.ini.
  • In a word list button positions and text position/aligment can be given.
  • Added style2 contributed by passingby from
  • Added Coutry Flag list contributed by passingby to demonstrate the usage of new features.

V2.0 2011/08/06 (by Nakano)

  • Remembers question, range and mode of a word list after exiting as long as range is not changed.
  • Added a trick to solve the search problem when using scandinavian and a few other special characters with Sony Osk.
  • Added Remember the Kanji image list (images by me, resizing by passingby).

V1.0 2011/05/28 (by Nakano)

  • When a known list is cleared, it will only clear the current range.
  • Added Spanish word lists contributed by Kassad.
  • Added lists for Japanese, Finnish, German and French.

V0.9 2011/05/14 (by Nakano)

  • Implemented custom Japanese OSK for searching words.
  • Better international support; now possible to do e.g. Chinese-Korean word lists
  • Several optimizations for better user experience.
  • Added Korean word lists and others + divided kana for separate hiragana / katakana.

V0.8 2011/05/04 (by nakano)

  • New Chinese vocabulary lists based on HKS profiency test and others.
  • A possibility to group word lists.
  • Remembers the last word list.
  • Some code rewrite.
  • Fixed a freezing bug caused by a bug in Euphoria V8.
  • Now search doesn't only search definition but also translation.

V0.7 2011/05/01 (by nakano)

  • Added a support for audio files with sentences.
  • A better support for non-Japanese word lists.
  • Added Mandarin word lists.

V0.6 2011/04/22 (by nakano)

  • Updated competition splash.
  • Added analog support for selection a file.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Sentence zoom support.

V0.5 2011/03/13 (by nakano)

  • A possibility to search English definitions (replaces show keys from V0.4).
  • Added an option to wait after the right choice.
  • Added an option to change the font color.
  • Fixed a typo sring to string, which caused crash in certain situation.
  • Slight text changes.
  • Modified logic, if word was not known immediately. Now it's not marked right when you correct yourself.
  • Parsed tatoeba sentences.

V0.4 2011/03/08 (by nakano)

  • Support for picture word list.
  • Added range (option).
  • Example sentences (option).
  • Keys menu.
  • Minor bug fixes and other optimizations.
  • Added sentences for japanese and word list for kana.
  • Added picture word list.

V0.3 2011/03/05 (by nakano)

  • Verb conjugation practice.
  • Question font size can be increased.
  • Added options menu.
  • If user answers wrong, right answer is given (option).
  • User may set a delay before answers are shown (option).

V0.2 2011/03/02 (by nakano)

  • New word lists.
  • Increased stability.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Optimizations for showing long phrases.

V0.1 2011/02/27 (by nakano)

  • Initial release.

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