Brandy Basic V for Dslinux

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Brandy Basic V for Dslinux
AuthorDavid Daniels, Hideki
Last Updated2008/01/17

Brandy is an interpreter for BASIC V, the dialect of BASIC that Acorn Computers supplied with their ranges of desktop computers that use the ARM processor such as the Archimedes and Risc PC, and is still in use on these and compatibles.

BASIC V is an extended version of BBC BASIC. This was the BASIC used on the BBC Micro that Acorn made during the early 1980s.

This is a basic port of the Brandy BBC Basic V interpreter to Dslinux. The original author complete with source.


  • It is a structured Basic with a full range of statement types such as WHILE and REPEAT loops, a block IF statement and a CASE statement.
  • It has procedures and multi-line functions which can have local variables and arrays.
  • It has 'indirection operators' which allow data structures to be constructed and manipulated. Memory can be allocated from the Basic heap that can be referenced using these operators.
  • The Acorn-written interpreters include an assembler.
  • Speed: the interpreter is very fast.

User guide

Only text modes are supported, support for ARM assembly.

Basic.txt contains a manual for Basic V, brandy.jpg an example screenshot. To exit brandy type QUIT at the > prompt.




1.19.DSL.02 2008/01/17

  • MODE 47 64x32 text - for dslinux with 4x6 font.
  • MODE 48 64x21 text - for dslinux with 4x9 font.

1.19.DSL.01 2008/01/17

  • Initial port.

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