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AuthorChristophe Andreani
Last Updated2007/05/23
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AMAP4DS is a simple, fast and easy to use map viewer for the Nintendo DS.

It is first designed for metro and bus maps. It is not distributed alone but always with a hight quality specific map. You can find free several maps downloads. If you wish to add your own map to AMAP4DS, download the AMAP4DS-Open-Source package and read the tutorial included.


  • 5 zoom levels.
  • Very large map resolution: up to 1536 x 1536 pixels.
  • Range of pre-made maps.
  • Roll your own maps with full source available.


Download the maps you want from here.

Extract the .nds file to the apps folder of your DS-X.

Run from the DS-X apps menu.

User guide

G6 Lite users:

  • Run AMAP4DS using the add header command, not the run command.

M3, M3 SD users:

  • Be sure to have the latest M3 firmware (v29 or more to download here).
  • Use the ds.gba AMAP4DS file.
  • Press twice the A button to run AMAP4DS (like any NDS game).

SuperCard users:

  • Use sc.nds file and press the A button.
  • If you have 2 white screens, try again. Sometimes it will run after several tries.


Stylus/D-pad - Scroll the map

Plus icons or A/X/L+Up - Zoom in

Minus icons or Y/B/L+Down - Zoom out

Black box icon or Select - Setting distance between the two screens

? icon or Start - Show credits


amap4ds2.png amap4ds3.png

amap4ds4.png amap4ds5.png


Works on:

Flashed DS Lite + SuperCard Micro SD + 1.0GB SanDisk UltraII memory card
DS Lite + Superkey 2 + SuperCard Micro SD
Ds Lite + SuperCard + mini SD Kingston 2GB
DS Lite (flashme v7) + M3 SD
DS + M3 Lite
DS Lite + M3 Lite SD
DS Lite + M3 Lite + Flashme Stealth
DS Lite + G6 Lite + Passcard 3


v3.2 2007/05/23

  • Bug fixed: some homebrew made with the PAlib library do not function properly, leading to loss of touchscreen use, sound and/or choppy graphics. As a result, these homebrews can be unplayable due to lack of proper controls. This has been fixed with PAlib 070206 for devkitPro r20 however not all projects have been updated for these new releases.
  • The AMAP4DS V3.2 should work fine on M3 Simply cartridge now
  • Now works with stylus on M3/R4.

V3.1 2006/11/15

  • AMAP4DS logo now appears in the linker menus (DS-Extrem, etc).
  • Correct AMAP4DS map name, author name and website name appear in the linker menus (DS-Extrem, etc).

V3.0 2006/10/26 Major update

  • One more zoom level (5 zoom levels available).
  • Larger map resolution: up to 1536 x 1536 pixels.
  • New zoom command: Keep "L" button pressed + Pad.Down => Zoom "-".
  • New zoom command: Keep "L" button pressed + Pad.Up => Zoom "+" (You can now scroll the map using righ hand Stylus, and zoom the map holding "L" + Pad up/Down. AMAP4DS can now be used the same way by left-handed or right-handed people).

V2.1 2006/10/14

  • The debug-mode has been removed for better reliablility.
  • The unused PA_OutputText() functions have been removed.
  • The "A" button does a Zoom "+", the "Y" button does a Zoom "-".

V2.0 2006/10/10 Major update

  • New name for the application: "AMAP4DS", following by the city map name.
  • Larger map (1024 x 1024 max).
  • Better map design.
  • 4 zoom levels (new "low" zoom level with upper screen magnification - "Thumbnail" mode).
  • Zooms are now centered to bottom DS center screen.
  • "Screen Space" icon. You can choose the distance between the two screens: You choose between 0 pixels (no hidden part between the two screens) or 96 pixels (real hidden part between the two screens).
  • Proportional scrolling. Slow scrolling for slow Stylus move (map moves at the Stylus speed), fast scrolling for fast Stylus move (map moves twice the Stylus speed).
  • "Zoom indicators" icons to zoom and to display actual zoom level.
  • Filters to avoid abnormal stylus jumps.
  • Filters to stabilize horizontal and vertical scrollings.
  • Better global ergonomy.
  • Economy mode: Switch off the screen lights and pause mode when you close the DS without switching it off (first step to bio-softwares).

V1.0 2006/10/01

  • Scrolling and zoom functions.
  • 3 zoom levels.

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