Defendguin DS

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Defendguin DS
AuthorGPF (Bill Kendrick)
Last Updated2006/01/05
TypeArcade Games

A port of Defendguin by Bill Kendrick which is based loosely on Defender.

This is a quick SDL port using GPF's SDL lib. No sound yet but controls are working.

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A certain monopoly-owning bad guy has been cloned hundreds of times by an unknown alien race. They are now attacking earth, kidnapping little penguinoids and converting them into mutants. Helping them on their way are some other nasty alien ships, of which there are plenty...

Every time you surpass 10,000 points, one additional ship and one additional smartbomb are awarded, along with a special sound effect. There are 20 levels in the game. The last level is special, with an evil boss you must destroy to complete the game.


Left - Point ship left and thrust left

Right - Point ship right and thrust right

Up - Move ship up

Down - Move ship down




Version 0.0.10 2002/07/27

Version 0.0.9


  • Fixed bug where not all aliens would be killed by smartbomb when near the 'seam' of the scrolling map (Oohara Yuuma).
  • Fixed non-transparent color in one of the ships-flame animation images.


  • Option screen allows adjusting volume for sound effects and music.


  • Volume options now saved-to and loaded-from ~/.defendguinrc.

Version 0.0.8


  • Removed reference to "tetris.mid", which was removed in 0.0.8.

Version 0.0.7


  • Fixed bug with Evil Bill explosion.
  • Added radioactive symbol to smartbomb icon.
  • Changed main menu's arrow to a spinning Tux.
  • Made ship icon (lives display in HUD) nicer looking.
  • Made mountains look nicer.


  • More work on the options screen.
  • Level and score for each player from the last game are displayed on the title screen at the bottom left and right.

Version 0.0.6


  • Spiffy 'one-up' effect added.

Version 0.0.5


  • Two player mode now supported.
  • Now calls "Mix_HaltChannel()" to stop all audio before quitting (Not doing this could cause seg. faults) (Andreas Umbach).
  • rand() calls in SDL_MapRGB() call are now casted to Uint8 (Andy Howe).
  • M_PI defined at the top of defendguin.c in case math.h doesn't do it (Andy Howe).
  • Six digit scores are justified correctly.


  • Mutants are harder to kill (it was especially easy to kill many of them at once when the planet had been destroyed).

Version 0.0.4

Version 0.0.3


  • "random()" and "srandom()" calls changed to "rand()" and "srand()" (Phoenix Kokido).
  • Game prefers 16-bit depth, but prefers native depth over emulated 16-bit (Mattias Engdegard).
  • Enemies shoot more and more often as levels progress.
  • Penguinoids would remain un-abductable even if their abductor was destroyed. This caused fewer and fewer penguinoids getting abducted.
  • Evil Bill would disappear and the game would never end if you destroyed all penguins on level 20. Fixed.


  • Boss character no longer easy to kill with an autofire joystick.
  • Mutants can no longer shoot while they're warping in.
  • Mutant and UFO shots come out of the right spot now.


  • Alien bullets make noise.
  • Game success music continues to play on title screen after you beat the game (it's a nice song).


  • Pause feature added. Press [TAB] or [P] to pause. Enjoy the pretty effects.
  • Current level displayed above score.

Version 0.0.2b


  • Evil Bill's size is taken into account when shooting / colliding.


  • Command-line options now supported.


  • Evil Bill graphics changed.
  • Evil Bill starts burning flames when he's really hurt.


  • Joystick support (Eric Lefevre).
  • Joystick fire button can be used to skip intro screen and to select the current option.

Version 0.0.2

  • Oops - 0.0.2 wasn't supposed to be released! FPS display turned off, and you start at level 1 (instead of 19).

Version 0.0.1


  • Updated for SDL 1.0.0 and SDL mixer library 1.0.0.
  • Fixed bug in alien-creation function.
  • Made lasers go faster (it was too easy before).
  • Tweaked number of aliens to appear at beginning of a level.
  • Stars in background streak the right way all the time.
  • Tweaked how mutants fly around.


  • Added boss character.


  • Ship graphics changed to look like the nice one from loader screen.

Version 0.0.0


  • Title screen starfield speed tweaked.
  • Level bonus display added.
  • Game over display added.


  • Thrust key added ([1]).
  • Reverse key added ([2]).


  • Music doesn't stop during the "PRESS A KEY" screen.
  • Music is played during the game.


  • More aliens materialize if the first batch are killed or approx. 30 seconds pass.
  • Baiters materialize if you take too long to complete a level.
  • One-up and extra smart bombs every 10,000 points.


  • The array of floating score images was never initialized. Now it is.
  • UFO's will no longer go out of bounds if the planet's destroyed.
  • You can't catch a penguinoid if you just died.
  • UFO's can't shoot while they're beaming in.
  • You can't get hurt by aliens if you collide with them while they're beaming in.

INITIAL RELEASE 0.0.0 1999/11/26

  • Initial alpha release.

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