File Manager

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File Manager

File Manager is a homebrew application enabling user to manage all the files and directories on your homebrew card (R4 etc). It also allows user to send/receive files from other DS's running filemanager.

Plus download files directly from PC to DS via home wifi (without swapping SD cards).


  • Navigate & List Files/Directories on DS
  • Delete File/Directory
  • Rename File/Directory
  • Create Directory
  • Move File
  • Receive File from PC via WiFi (with/without WEP support)
  • Send/Receive file from DS to another DS via NiFi
  • Display Freespace on DS
  • Help screens (Press/hold SELECT key)
  • Multi Homebrew card support (by changing Root directory)
  • Configure WiFi & WEP setup
  • Save configuration

User guide

Using the exe running on windows PC, user can also send files from PC via home wifi directly onto DS card.

For Ubuntu user, use the following file to send files from PC via home wifi directly onto DS card.

Once the DS ready to receive the file, drag that file to an EXE program and will be sent.

Tips for Wifi/WEP operation & general configuration:

Press the "Config" button and configure the following;

Root dir - this specifies the type of homebrew DS card you have.

  1. R4s use "fat1:"
  2. AceCards need "fat1:/ROMS"
  3. and DSTT "fat1:/games" etc.

PC Ip - this is the IP address of the PC that will be sending the file

Wifi AP - this is the name of the Access Point you will be using for wifi

WEPmde - the WEP mode, 0=unencrypted, 1=40bit (key of 10hex characters), 2=128bit(key of 26hex characters)

WEPkyid - the WEP Key Id to use. Normally upto 4 per access point, the default (Key 1) should be entered as 0

WEP Key - the WEP key of either 10hex characters (if WEPmode=1=40bit), or 26hex characters (if WEPmode=2=128bit)

Once these are set, make sure you "Save" the configuration !!


Stylus - full control of the application


Tested on: Flashcard iPlayer with firmware O.S. 1.3 V. 1.0.6

Flashcard 1.17a12 NDSTT with unofficial firmware
SuperCard DSTwo flashcard with kernel v1.03