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PSP Claw Explorer
Last Updated2011/09/05

PSP Claw Explorer is a multi function explorer for PSP. It has been programmed with LuaDEV, developed by cam-maker. The homebrew is multilanguage: Spanish, English, French, Italian, and Deutsch.

It has been entered to the Scenery Beta 2011 (PSP Applications, 1st place) and PSP Genesis Competition 2011.


  • Browse our files on the Memory Stick.
  • Extract RAR and ZIP files.
  • Read LUA, TXT and LOG files.
  • Activate the USB by exploring and doing different actions.
  • Listen to MP3 music with build-in player.
  • Open .PNG and .JPG files (up to 512x512).
  • View details (information) of all the files.
  • Compatible with PSP Go.
  • Online translator.
  • GBA and SNES rom finder.
  • Search for lyrics, songs and tablatures.

User guide

PSP Claw utilities

The following applications are included (some are yet to be implemented):

  • File Browser.
  • Search.
  • Translator.
  • Download music.
  • Color palette.
  • Information.
  • Wikipedia.
  • Setting.
  • Download Roms (GBA, SNES).
  • Download Images.
  • Plugins.
  • PSP Claw Cleaner.
  • Paint.
  • Player.
  • Camera.

Added features

Several additional features were added in the latest release (v1.0).

  • Advanced file search:
    • You can search for for varies types of options within PSP.
    • It recognises Word, Extension, Title (MP3), Artist (MP3).
  • Potof!:
    • A graphical program where you can add simple effect for images.
  • Graphs Creator:
    • Create graphs of the percentages of your files and folders.
    • Shows you the size of your GAME or PSP folder and what percentage it occupies in your memory or in the folder where you are.
  • Plugin Manager:
    • You can install, uninstall, activate and disable plugins.
  • Set wallpaper:
    • Customize background image, or simply pick a background color for your PSP.

Below are the new features that utilize the online function, which you will need to configurate the internet connection setting from the file connection.ini.

  • Online Image Search:
    • Works from google and only search for images that are on the server that is in the capture.
    • You can use a download list and it will download the images automatically.
  • Search for songs, lyrics and tablatures:
    • It has the same mechanics as the image search engine and download list.
  • Online translator:
    • Translator works with google, supports 53 languages and it has the option to save the translation of the phrase or word.
  • GBA and SNES rom finder:
    • You will have to use an existing emulator to run the roms.


File explorer:

D-Pad Down - Move down

D-Pad Up - Move up

Triangle - Options File Menu

Start - Configuration Options

Cross - Enter a Folder, Open a File

Circle - Go back

Text viewer:

D-Pad Down - Scroll down

D-Pad Up - Scroll up

D-Pad Down+R - Scroll down faster

D-Pad Up+R - Scroll up faster

Start - Options Menu

Circle - Go back

MP3 Player:

L/R - Change Track

Start - Pause, Play

Square - Choose equalizer

D-Pad Right - Fast Forward

D-Pad Left - Backwards

Select - Back to browser, Back to MP3 Player (while playing MP3)

Circle - Go back (it will stop the music)

Image Viewer:

D-Pad Right - Move image to right

D-Pad Left - Move image to left

Triangle - Options

Circle - Back


PSP Claw Explorer Scenerybeta 2011 (Daft Punk Yea)


Version 1.0

  • Support for PSP Go.
  • File finder in removable memory.
  • Added the option "Go to folder", after performing a search.
  • You can see the speed of the CPU.
  • Power saving when the PSP is locked (hold).
  • Added the 4th equalizer.
  • The miniatures of the equalizers are now dynamic, are no longer static images.
  • New "mini-equalizer" when you minimize the player.
  • Now you can mark files or select them, to copy, cut or delete them (also the option to unmark).
  • New icon of the battery.
  • Captures can be made with a combination of buttons.
  • Plugin Manager (Install, Remove, Activate and Deactivate).
  • Graphics creator.
  • Online translator (53 languages).
  • Advanced file search.
  • Online Image Search Engine.
  • Online search engine for songs, lyrics and tablatures.
  • GBA and SNES rom search engine online.
  • PSP Claw Utilities.
  • Potof!
  • Particle generator.
  • Screen saver (also added in playback).
  • Place background images.
  • Added Scrollbar.
  • New folder option "Information".
  • 14 default colors and one customizable.
  • Change the font color.
  • Change the folder color.
  • Change the color of the Scrollbar.
  • Color palette.
  • Open animated gif (Thanks to Chimecho animlib).
  • Encrypt and Decrypt LuaDEV scripts.
  • Three keyboards (Danzeff de Chimecho, XkeyBoard v3 xerpi, OSK).
  • Added some more improvements.

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