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PokeMini DS
Last Updated2015/06/16

Portable homebrew-emulator for Pokémon-Mini on the NDS.


  • Windows (Development, Native and SDL), Linux (Development and SDL), Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable and Dreamcast.
  • Debugger that allow to diagnose hardware internals or modify them (Development package only).
  • Development tools for programming your own homebrew to the Pokémon-Mini.
  • Sync Cycles option which allow improving performance at cost of accuracy.
  • Unofficial colors support and enhancements.


To include real BIOS, place bios.min on the emulator's directory. When no bios.min is present, emulator will use Pokémon-Mini FreeBIOS.

User guide

Pokemini Homebrew games and Demos can be found at Poké



D-Pad - D-Pad

A/B - Key A/B

R - Key C

L - Shock Detector

Start - Power Button

Select - UI Menu


pokeminids2.png pokeminids3.png

pokeminids4.png pokeminids5.png

Known issues

Slow emulation, increase Sync Cycles to speed up emulation speed.

Generated sound engine only.


0.60 Changes

  • Changed version format to only 2 fields to avoid confusion.
  • Fixed RTC month being reported wrong from host.
  • Adjusted graphics, now it display darker shades to match more closely the real system.
  • Added 2 new options: LCD contrast and LCD bright.
  • Changed the way analog LCD mode works, now it's less blurry and can do up to 5 shades without artifacts.
  • SDL port has been upgraded to SDL 2, this brings Haptic support and other improvements.
  • New Keyboard/Joystick option to allow checking inputs.
  • Applying joystick settings now can (re)enable the device.
  • Share EEPROM is now disabled by default.
  • Emulator can be compiled for 64-bit CPU without issues now.
  • Limited sync-cycles to 64 on 'accurancy' platforms.
  • NDS Only: Added 3-in-1 rumble support.
  • PSP Only: Analog stick now works.
  • Win32 Only:
    • Corrected Direct3D issue in some GPUs.
    • Sound write position is now handled correctly.
  • Debugger Only:
    • Minor fixes.
    • Trace history is now 10000 instructions instead of 256.
    • Added copy & paste buttons to timing counters.


  • Opening .minc files now opens the linked .min files.
  • More accurant PRC timing and triggering.
  • Minor changes.
  • Debugger Only:
    • Recent ROMs list.
    • Drag & Drop ROM files support.
    • Added file association to .min and .minc files.
    • Moved PRC Counter from Timers Window to Misc. Window.
    • Added more special registers for printing and controlling the debug output.
    • Reorganized the menu.
    • Improved the memory content components.
    • Added 16-bits memory filler into memory viewer.
    • All viewers and main window position & size are now saved.
  • Win32 Only:
    • Fixed command-lines and closing code.
    • Recent ROMs list.
    • Drag & Drop ROM files support.
    • Added "Pause when inactive" window option.
    • Added file association to .min and .minc files.


  • Relative files are now launched from current directory.
  • Fixed notification message display in 32bpp.
  • Added 50% Scanline LCD filter.
  • New Tools (Available in Debugger package):
    • PokeMini Image Converter.
    • PokeMini Music Converter.
  • Win32 Only: Fixed DirectDraw surface pitch.
  • Debugger only:
    • F1 shortcut for documentation.
    • Improved external launcher.
    • IRQ Window "Frames in single-row" initialization fixed.
    • Minimized windows won't be rendered now.
    • Added "Character Set -> From file..." in Memory viewer.
    • Added "Memory data" in Memory viewer with Import, Export, Copy and Fill operations.


  • Debugger is now complete.
  • Reordered menu items better.
  • Added Dingux platform (Thanks coccijoe for the port src code).
  • Fixed issue of sound going out of sync.
  • Separated piezo filtering (now works with any sound engine).
  • Fixed result of SUB instruction with decimal mode.
  • Fixed PRC rate divider.
  • Corrected some options in configurations file.
  • Multicart support.
  • Made sure shared EEPROM and cfg files are only saved on emulator's executable directory.
  • Added "Sync cycles" option that allow to trade between performance and accurancy, higher value can speed up emulation but may cause problems.
  • Pressing Left/Right while browsing will now page up/down, selecting drive is now C+Left and C+Right.
  • Unofficial colors palette changed (but still backward compatible).
  • New zooms: 5x (480x320) and 6x (576x384).
  • Loading ROM from ZIP package is now supported.
  • More palettes and 2 custom ones, they can be edited by pressing A.
  • Win32 platform is now fixed and updated.
  • Joystick can now be re-defined in portable devices.
  • SDL Only: Keyboard can now be re-defined under "Platform...".
  • Dreamcast Only: PAL/NTSC can now be selected under "Platform...".
  • NDS Only: Added FPS counter and rumble pak level adjustment.
  • PSP Only: Zoom from 1x to 4x can now be changed under "Platform...".


  • Fixed interrupt flag status after interrupt jump/call.
  • Added "Generated", "Direct PWM" and "PWM+Filter" sound modes.
    • Generated - Mode used in slow platforms.
    • Direct PWM - Same as direct but with ability to play PWM raw sounds.
    • PWM+Filter - Direct PWM with filtering to simulate PM's piezo speaker.
  • LCD update now when "dirty" instead of PRC rate counter match.
  • Unofficial colors information structure changed to lower memory usage.
  • Support for 4x4 attributes in unofficial colors.
  • Added "Reload colors info..." to reload the .minc file.
  • Soft reset now supported, changing rom won't reset clock.
  • FreeBIOS 1.2: Display status and improved compatibility.
  • SDL Only: Added joystick support (disabled by default).
  • Joystick can be enabled under "Platform..." -> "Define Joystick...".
  • SDL Only: Color depth can be changed between 16bpp and 32bpp.
  • Wiz Only: Fixed crash when sound disabled and added SDL port (wizsdl).
  • NDS, Wiz and PSP Only: Battery can be setup to reflect real battery.
  • Source Only: Added some simplified platforms to help porting.


  • Fixed POPA/POPAX timings (thanks asterick).
  • Added support to read/write configurations @ 'pokemini.cfg'.
  • Load/save state are now working.
  • Added support for unshared EEPROM files (Each ROM can have his own EEPROM).
  • SDL Only: Zoom can now be changed on the fly under "Platform...".
  • Added more options.


  • Some fixes.
  • Added zoom support for SDL platform (1x, 2x, 3x or 4x).
  • Added Dreamcast platform.
  • Fullscreen toggle works now on Windows.
  • Added emulated sound support for all platforms.
  • Improved UI.


  • Palette support in SDL.
  • Rumble now shake the display up & down.
  • Added Wiz platform.
  • Fixed EEPROM access.
  • Fixed signed jump/call instructions.
  • Removed load/save state until a problem is solved.
  • Added unofficial colors support into games.


  • Minor changes.
  • Audio dumping/capture is now WAV format.


  • Complete rewrite, source code seems very portable.
  • Added FreeBIOS, a public domain BIOS that try to behave like the real BIOS.
  • Added SDL and some platforms.


Thank's to p0p, Dave|X, Onori, goldmomo, asterick, DarkFader, Agilo, MrBlinky, Wa, Lupin and everyone at #pmdev on IRC EFNET.

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