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Wifi Chat
Version0.99 beta

DS Chat is a homebrew Pictochat with online history. All communications are public and are published to a web page when it works.


Online (Firmware) settings from an online game. Now DHCP and WEP are supported, so nothing more should be needed.

The program uses the conection settings from any ds online game (Mario Kart for example). Once set up in the official game, it should be ready to go.


X - change from 1 message to 4 messages view

Changable font for the drawings (from the settings), changable skins (simple JPG images, located in the /skins folder).


Version 0.99

  • Updated to the latest wifi lib (0.3) from Sgstair: than means:
- WEP and DHCP are available! 
(WIFI settings from the firmware and DNS are now Sgstair's

Version 0.9

  • New default skin, designed by Rat (Ben) of Drunken Coders
  • New keyboard with support for all the keys, shift and caps.
  • Multiple messages view (press X to change from 1 message to 4 messages view)
  • Menus (back to bootloader, turn off the ds...)
  • Settings (change nickname)
  • Changable font for the drawings
  • Changable skins (simple JPG images, located in the /skins folder)


  • fix some bugs still present in the server
  • Update to the new Wifi library (when out). That will add support for WEP, etc.
  • Saving and loading messages from the CF
  • Save settings on server and/or on the CF
  • Possibly colors and TCP version... not in the near future though

Version 0.836 beta

  • Fixed connection settings from disk.

Version 0.835 beta

  • Updated the fat libraries to the last version of Moonshell's version. Small changes hoping to make it more compatible with M3.

Version 0.83 beta

  • Updated to the latest version of libfb. Better font display, some small changes here and there, code cleanups. Clock added.
  • The server now creates a paginated archive of the messages, so I suggest to update the server too. Some other small changes I can't remember.
  • Added a simpe ip filter to abn (temporary) abusive users.
  • Light blinks when wifi is enabled. Also, when the screens are not lit, a sound announces new messages (if you press X on the top right corner) (this was undocumented).

Version 0.81 beta

  • Improvements to the touch screen code. You can now select sensibility to the touch using the "rainbow" bar. The sensitivity is displayed in the status info (top screen). Also, "jumps" are ignored.
  • Fixed issue with more than 6 users :)
  • Up to 80 messages in the log. You can also use left and right to scroll messages.

Version 0.8 beta

  • DNS client working.
  • It's now possible to connect using both wifi settings from wifitransfer and the firmware settings
  • The server has option to upload a message log to an FTP server, locally serve them or save them to a local directory. HTML files are automatically generated (still in devel.)
  • Touch screen code takes into account the pressure of the pen
  • Keyboard (yes, I know it's not so good)
  • Status
  • User list (limited to 18 users now)


  • too much but probably:user list, receiving messages in menu, more menu, user settings, webcam (not on DS)...


Sgstair wifi library: - 0.3

GBA MP Compact Flash Driver by chrism

Fat library modifications from Moonshell:

Libfb by DragonMinded:


Jpeg lib by Burton Radons ported by Headspin

Created with DEVKITPRO

Logo from and skin design by Rat (Ben) of Drunken Coders

Thanks to all the homebrew community for the support