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Last Updated2005/08/10

This is a DS version or port of Retrobox. RetroBox is a program for emulators which handles all platform specific coding leaving the emulator authors to do what they want, writing a nice accurate stable emulator.

It supports the use of plugins which every emulator can use automatically since they let RetroBox handle them.

This homebrew is participated in the NEO Flash Competition 2005.

User guide

Emu 1 for Retrombox comes with a sample rom NeSnake, a snake-like game, made by Matrixz.

Emu 2 is NES emulator Reminisce. There are other emulators running on Retrobox but Reminesce and the SampleEmu are the only ones that does not have any assembly in it.

To replace the Rom, insert it at the address 36B08h for retroboxDS.nds and 36D08h for retroboxDS.ds.gba. If you dont have any programs that do this (some hex editors do it) you can use File Mold.

To inject with file mold open it up, go to mode and select inject. Draw & drop the injection file and target (or use the buttons to select them) and use the appropriate offset.

The Injection file would be the rom you want and the target is retrobox .nds or .ds.gba. So use 36B08 for the .nds and 36D08 for the .ds.gba.

Be sure Rom isn't corrupted, and that you use right offset and if it does runs on Reminesce.


A - Start for Emu 1

B - Start for Emu 2, NES emulator Reminisce

L - Switch between display modes

R - Toggle from bottom screen with original size mode


Tested on hardware and iDeaS.

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