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Last Updated2006/11/07
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Japfr is an application running on Nintendo DS to learn Japanese vocabulary. It can be used with the book Japanese in 40 Lessons because it uses the vocabulary.

It was presented in the contest from PAlib in 2006.

Note: The link is for v0.2 only (the latest release is v0.4).


Tested on Supercard SD.


Version 0.4 2006/11/07

  • No release from japfr but the possibility of adding your words in the japfr dictionary.

Version 0.3b 2006/10/31

  • A main menu allowing to select the different operating modes (learning, revision, test mode).
  • The learning and revision modes are in the boxes but they are coming soon.
  • The start button to return to the main menu.
  • The return of options.
  • The R button to switch from hiragana to katagana.
  • backup support for options.
  • The lessons with names (soon a thematic japFR with the themes of wikibook...interested in adding other databases).
  • The return of French.
  • The character is long for the katagana.
  • A big refactoring code to be able to put it in a free source of rights (after the January composition of nintendomax).
  • The small tsu character for the hiragana (completely forgotten that one).

Version 0.2 2006/09/29

  • Small modifications for this version with the display of the answer in case of wrong answer and the score.
  • The options no longer exist and we can only answer the questions in French but you can write in hiragana.

Version 0.1b 2006/09/21

  • Updated vocabulary.

Version 0.1 2006/09/11

  • Contains the first 10 lessons of the book "Japanese in 40 lessons".


  • New version of japfr for the palib contest. Some changes the two new modes appear and characters.

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