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Author(s)Morgan Robertson

Geografika is a geography-based quiz game for the Nintendo DS. It has more than 300 questions including locations of cities, countries, monuments, and physical features; capitals; landlocked countries; borders; areas; and maps.

It was submitted to the NEO Summer Coding Compo 2008.


  • 300 questions over
  • Adventure mode
  • Quiz mode
  • Library
  • Save system

User guide

In adventure mode, the goal is to progress from city to city. You must receive at least 80% to travel to the next city. If you score above 90% on a quiz in Adventure mode, you will unlock contents in the Library.

Adventure Travel from city to city, where each quiz will get more and more difficult.

Library View photos, maps, and information on places and countries around the world. Unlock more countries and places by earning an A on quizzes in adventure mode. Select the Map option in the library to view a fully scrollable, simplified world map. Drag the stylus on the touchsreen or use the D-pad to move the map.

Quiz Take a quiz of 20 random questions.

Automatic Saving If you are using a card compatible with the FAT file system, your progress will be automatically saved after each quiz in adventure mode. If Geografika is not saving data after you power off the DS, try patching the file.


Stylus - navigate menus, select answer

A - select menu option

B - go back to previous menu

L/R - change text color


Programmed by Morgan Robertson

Graphics by Morgan Robertson

Photos and maps obtained from and edited by Morgan Robertson

Information adapted from The Kingfisher Young People's Atlas of the World (Scholastic Publishing, copyright 1997) and

Special Thanks To: Mollusk and everyone at PAlib for writing a great library and other resources

Everyone who offered help and support in the PAlib forums

Everyone at devkitPro