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Version23 September 2008

Magic Touch (Nintendo DS) is a ported version of the Flash Game Magic Touch. The game is basically the same as the original Magic Touch, except some things have been added or taken away. The game has not been ported by Nitrome.


Eliminate Robots as they fall for as long as possible.

User guide

Help the wizard to defend the castle from the knights by casting spells to pop their balloons.

Player can use as much Ink as they want, unlike the Flash version where they had a bar which said how much Ink they had left, meaning they could only use a certain amount of ink before having to wait for what they drew to disappear.

What was also added was a pink balloon, which had a "Z" on its side, a balloon not seen in the Flash Version. Also another difference is that when the right shape was drawn, instead of the Robot falling, it would simply disappear.

A Glitch that as absent from the Flash Version is that when a Robotic Knight touched the castle, the game ended. In the DS version, 4 Knights had to touch the castle for the game to end, meaning that it was easy to achieve scores in the 5,000's.

Another glitch, that made the game harder, was, sometimes, large amounts of Robotic Knights, sometimes up to 7, would fall from the sky, some even covering each others balloons. This usually happens when the player gets a score 8,000 or more, but will continue the higher the player gets.



In the original Magic Touch, player earned points by popping Balloons. This is the same in the DS port, except player earns points every second they stay alive, meaning that they can achieve points like 11346 and beyond, something that would be nearly impossible to do in the Flash version, but has been achieved in the Flash version by hacking the Game High Scores.


The Credits and help section stayed the same as they were in the Flash version, except the "Scores" button on the menu, which would start the game if double touched with the stylus. Also, when the game was started up, an image of the Nitrome logo as seen in the Startup for Magic Touch.

Also, the Music for the Titlescreen would play once the game was started.


Stylus - select option from menu/draw symbols to explode balloons



  • First version (private).



All dev-fr team