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PSPIRC is an IRC Client for PSP made by Ludovic Jacomme (aka Zx-81), based on the IRC engine written by Danzel. IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat is a protocol that allows you to run your own text-based chat servers.


Unzip the ZIP file and copy the content of the directory on the ms0:/PSP/GAME/.

User guide

Setting up IRC client:

Create a connection with host, user, channel.

Host Name of the IRC server.
Port By default it's set to 6667, which is the standard IRC port but you can change it.
User User name for this connection.
Nickname Nickname for this connection.
Realname Realname for this connection.
Password Password (optional) for this connection.
Channel Channel name for this connection.
Script The startup script (optional) for this connection.

The channel name should begin with a # (for example #psp). You can specify more than one channel (for example #psp#etc).

You can save your parameters in a binary encoded file if you want using the Save profiles menu.

You can specify a startup script to be executed just after the connection, e.g. to join channels and set modes automatically (use then JOIN and MODE commands in your startup script). Those scripts should be stored in the run directory.

Connect to the IRC server:

After that, connect to the host you've specified using the Connect menu.

In the console window you can use the virtual keyboard to enter text or IRC commands. All commands are written in file command.txt that can be edited using the built-in editor (Edit Command). You can also use any ASCII-text editor on your PC, and add your own custom commands.

Virtual keyboards:

You can use the Danzeff On-Screen Keyboard (from Danzel and Jeff Chen) as well as IR keyboard. Edit the pspirkeyb.ini file to specify your IR keyboard model, and modify layout keyboard files in the keymap directory.


The settings menu let you change colors and some other options. If you want a distinct color for each user in a channel, then activate the Multi color option. You can also prefix all posts by a time stamp.

Save snapshots and log files:

Snapshot are saved to the scr directory in PNG format; you can also save the IRC console window in TXT which can be found in the log directory.


Console window:

Analog - Scroll through the console window

Up - Toggle Begin/End line

Down - <ENTER>

Left/Right - Left/Right

Left+L - Command left

Right+R - Command right

Start - Open/close the OSK (On-Screen Keyboard)

Console window (when the virtual keyboard is on):

Up - History up

Down - History down

Left - Left (or command left)

Right - Right (or command right)

On-Screen Keyboard:

Analog - Choose one of the 9 squares

Triangle/Square/Cross/Circle - Choose one of the 4 letters of the highlighted square

IR Keyboard:

D-Pad - Cursor

Start - Tab, Ctrl-W

Select - Escape, Ctrl-Q

Triangle - Ctrl-E

Cross - Ctrl-X

Square - Ctrl-S

Circle - Ctrl-F

L - Ctrl-Z

R - Ctrl-C

Clear - Ctrl-L

Select - Enter Console menu (choose IRC commands/common words in a list)

L/R - Navigate through the different opened channels


Developed using Firmware 3.90-M33 on both SLIM & FAT.



  • Finally fix issue with "Home -> Exit".
  • Add a built-in editor to edit commands & words list (command.txt and word.txt files).
  • Add eboot music from NeXuS (see
  • Can now return back to Wifi menu (No need to restart pspirc to connect to another hotspot).
  • Bug fix in battery level display.


  • Fix IR keyboard issue with fw >= 3.80 for FAT PSP (thanks to Angelo).
  • It has been tested sucessufully tested on:
    • SLIM 3.90-m33 (thanks to Greg from psp-hacks).
    • FAT 3.90-m33.
    • FAT 1.5 (addon for 3.90-m33).
  • Fix issue with virtual keyboard (speed).


  • No more lag/issue with IR keyboard.
  • /notice message are now properly displayed.
  • Add /clear command.


  • Bug fix in the login menu (psp freeze if you enter key while script menu is selected).


  • New graphics designed by Delight1 herself.
  • Display all user flags in the user list menu.
  • IRC Channel name is now automatically added in command /TOPIC, /KICK and /MODE.
  • Command /MSG is now supported (alias to /PRIVMSG).
  • Command/Text line history.
  • Command completion in the console window (see readme for details).
  • You can now paste the name of an existing tab in the console line.
  • Bug fix in /TOPIC command (only the first word was taken into account).
  • Bug fix in the new input line feature (the text was messed up when line size was greater to the width of console window).
  • Bug fix in the help menu (only first lines were displayed properly).


  • Bug fix in danzeff keyboard (characters ? and # weren't mapped properly).
  • Bug fix on fw-3x, the PSP freeze when more than 7 tabs were opened simultaneously.
  • New line edit mode in irc console.


  • Add all iso8859-1 characters in danzeff virtual keyboard.
  • All text fonts are now compatible with iso8859-1 characters.
  • Bug fix in IR keyboard .ini files with UTF8 specification (for example mapping string such as "u+c3a0" didn't work properly).
  • New targus mapping with french characters mapped from ALT 1 up to ALT - (see targus-include.ini file for more details).


  • Support iso-8859-1 characters in IRC console (for West European languages).
  • Bug fix.


  • New Search Channel menu with filter using regular expressions.
  • New menu for user permissions management (modes, ban, kick etc).
  • New options such as custom colors, distinct colors for each user and time stamp.
  • Add feature to run any custom scripts.
  • Many server messages are now displayed with proper formatting.
  • New commands such as Banlist, Who and WhoIS.
  • Display user permission in the user list.
  • Display unread tab in tabs list (with '+' flag).
  • Add flags (red color) to see unread tabs.
  • Add option to write text like mIRC (beginning on bottom).
  • New commands in the Danzeff virtual keyboard.
  • Add feature to retreive last input (useful when you want to enter the same kind of command several times).
  • Add startup script feature.
  • Display right nickname in private channel.
  • Name Resolver is now blocking (hope that will fix name resolution issue).
  • Fix in the save log file (no more blank lines).
  • Close all tabs before to disconnect.
  • Add second space key for Targus (mapping file).


  • New graphics and eboot icons from HookBott.
  • No more blink when a message arrives on hidden channels.
  • Use nickname instead of user name on startup.
  • Text colors are now displayed (foreground and background).
  • Use custom text colors for your posts.
  • Add splash screen on startup.
  • Use new SDK wifi functions.
  • Bug fix & Code cleaning.


  • New IRC engine (based on afkim).
  • Multiple channels support.
  • Private messages support.
  • New danzeff keyboard and mapping.
  • Display Channel and user list.
  • Add tabs in the console window.
  • New login menu with Nickname (previous login save data are not compatible with this version).
  • Handle password for IRC authentication.
  • Increase the text input field in the console window.
  • Add word list in the main IRC menu (let you choose a word in a list, using word.txt file).
  • Code cleaning.


  • Intial release.


  • Danzel for the Virtual kerboard and his IRC stuff, and to all PSPSDK developers.
  • Snaap06 for the eboot icons.
  • HookBott for the graphics and eboot icons on previous releases.
  • Delight1 for the help, support, beta testing and the eboot icons and graphics on this release.
  • NeXuS for the music.

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