Super Smash Bros Rumble

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Super Smash Bros Rumble
AuthorTeam Rumble (SSBR)
Last Updated2010/07/02
VersionDemo 0.8

Rumble is a DS Homebrew that was started since '08 by a German programmer named Fuzzy. After a while, Fuzzy left and the team continued to develop his code without him. Eventually, they started rewriting the code from scratch.

WolfSpider developed demo 0.5 by himself to demonstrate that Rumble wasn’t dead. Coders came and left and the latest version is at Demo 0.8, which was developed by Diddy, Ps991 and with a little help from cod4r. Stages created in the stage builder are now playable.

Super Smash Bros Crash! DS (Demo7) was presented in the Neo Coding Compo 2010, ranked 8th under Game section.


  • Animation.
  • Camera allows you to see the enemies much more easily.
  • Charge, combo/dash attacks and more.
  • Different stages.
  • Unlock-able characters.
  • Save function.
  • Physical properties for each character.


To play Rumble on a flashcart, please place Rumble.nds and RumbleSave.ini in your root directory.

Place to data folder in your root directory as well and do not change its name. This is where your stage builder stages will be saved.

User guide

Choose character, drag the red piece to below left to a character, and repeat with the CPU.

Beating the opponent to come out or fall off the field. The issue is that the more you hit, the farther you go to hit the second time, and so on.

Hints of Super Smash Bros Rumble could be found in the official blog.


  • Mario.
  • Luigi.
  • Animal Crosser.
  • Deoxys.
  • Diddy Kong.
  • Geno.
  • Ike.
  • Jigglypuff.
  • Knuckles.
  • Link.
  • Marth.
  • Olimar.
  • Pikachu.
  • Shadow.
  • Snake.
  • Sonic.
  • Stafy.
  • Tails.
  • Toon Link.
  • Waluigi.
  • Yoshi.



Up - Jump

Down - Crouch

Right - Move to the right

Left - Move left

A - Attack, Combo (AA and AAA)

B - Special Attack, Combo (D-Pad+B)

Y - Final Smash (Only when you have caught)

R/L - Shielding/block incoming attack

Start - Pause

R+L+Start (pause menu) - End game


ssbrumble2.png ssbrumble3.png


Super smash bros Rumble DS (HomebrewReviews)


Tested on:

R4 (works directly)
M3 Simply (works directly)
EDGE Card (works directly)
CycloDS Evolution (works directly)
M3 Real (works directly with firmware update 3.9)
M3 (works, via DSOrganize)
DSTT/TTDS (works, via DSOrganize)
Super Card DS (works, via DSOrganize)

Does ot work on EZ Flash V.

Known issues

The cpu is glitchy. If you have one on the screen, it will mess with player 1's jump. Also, the cpu tends to fall through the floor and teleport about the stage. This is not permanent and we only included a cpu in this demo to show you, the fans, that the coders are only a few errors away from having a functioning cpu.

Because of the enormous file size, music has not been included in this demo. Do not think that your speakers are broken.

If you are playing on an emulator, you will not be able to save the characters that you have unlocked. On the DS, however, you can save the unlockables.


v0.8 Stage Builder Update

  • This update fixes the Stage Builder in the demo so that the stages that are created are playable stages.
  • Stock Mode.


  • Attacks: You can now attack. The attacks available include:
    • A Combo (A, AA, AAA).
    • Side Tilt, Up Tilt, Down Tilt.
    • B, Up B, Side B, Down B.
    • Neutral Air, Up Air, Down Air, Forward Air, Back Air.
  • Shielding: If you hold R or L, you can block incoming attacks. There is no rolling, spot dodging or air dodging yet, but there will be in future demos. Also, the shields do not wear out over time yet, but this will be added later as well.
  • 3 cpus: On the character select screen, you can drag the tokens onto the character icon to select the cpu's character. The renders on the top screen will tell you when the cpu’s character is selected.
  • Simple AI: The cpus can follow and attack you. If you are really far away from them, they run after you. If you are standing on a platform above them, they will jump to reach you. Also, not only can the cpus target the player, but they can target each other as well. The cpus attack somewhat randomly, but they are only running on primitive AI, so it should be expected. The cpus are smart enough to shield against attacks only if one is attacking, though.
  • Damage %: The more you attack an enemy, the more damage he takes. Once you reach a high percentage, you are more likely to die, so look out.
  • Knockback: If you hit an enemy with an attack, the enemy will go flying. The distance flown varies based on his damage % and how strong the attack is. Also, there is friction on the ground to make sliding knockback decrease to 0 faster. No every attack has high knockback, though.
  • Hit Effects: When you hit the enemy or when he hits you, a hit effect appears to let you know that someone has been hit. The effects add more depth to the hitting.
  • Stock Mode: You can chose Stock by tapping the word "Time" on the character select. You can chose to have a stock match anywhere between 1-99 lives.
  • Stage Builder: Thanks to the extremely dedicated coder Ps991, demo 0.8 has a functioning stage builder. You can select it in the “Vault” to make and save stages.
  • EDIT (as of July 2nd): We have just released an updated version of the game that allows the player to fight on his custom stages. You can select the stages in the "Custom Stage Select" by clicking on the button in the bottom right corner of the stage select.
  • A few things to note: In the stage builder, when you first build your stage, click the "new" button, not the staticy icon. If you click on the static first and then build a stage and save it, it will not work when you try to load it.
  • When selecting a custom stage in the custom stage select, tap the word to select it (it appears as though nothing happens) and then press A to start the match.


  • 8 new stages, 10 new characters, unlockables, credits(on the vault screen), double jump(some characters can jump more than 2), pause, run (double tap the D-Pad), side collision, new graphics, some new character sprites (Olimar, Geno) and a CPU.


  • Collision Detection Added.
  • Dynamic Camera Added.
  • Character Selection Screen Complete.
  • Stage Select Added.
  • Custom Font Added.
  • Timer Added.
  • Basic Character and Stage Attributes System Added (Makes adding them easier and unique).
  • See how Luigi moves slower but jumps higher than Mario.
  • Save System Added (No use for it yet).
  • 21 Characters Added.
  • If you pick a character and it loads Diddy, it means they don't have a strip yet.
  • 2 Stages Added.
  • Lots of Issues Fixed.
  • Basic Control Added.

Demo 0.5

  • When fighting press L+R+A+Select for no contest.
  • Added a cpu all it will do it follow you (has no running animations).
  • Fixed the Title Screen Bug.
  • Made the title screen faster.
  • Made the fade in and out while using the game menu faster.
  • Added more to the Character Select Screen.
  • Added Character Jumping Sound.
  • Added Nintendo DS Stage Music (no NDS stage yet).
  • When all characters and computers are chosen you will here a sound.
  • Modified GameIcon.

Demo o.4

  • Solo mode it just group but pust the solo button to do to group.
  • It has some vault in it.
  • A simple pause system.
  • Simple character test. It has Mario, Luigi and Yoshi. No character sounds.
  • Menu music is included.
  • Everything is loaded with fat and efs.
  • When testing characters press select to go back to the charasel menu.
  • And when you select your characters in charasel press b to go back to the mainmenu.

Demo 0.3

  • Some music titles.
  • A start of an options submenu to set the cam following you or positioning in the middle of al characters. (not final graphics).
  • Victory theme.
  • Battletime can be set over 5 min (apologies if musicbugs appear).
  • Air dodging with L and R in the air.
  • CPU level is set to 9 when selected ( to prevent people saying the ai is too weak).
  • two new stages (Onett and Yoshi's Island).
  • Luigi, playable and as cpu.

Demo 0.2

  • In this new version: sound has been added, "coin jump" (Up + B), and for now there will be a limit of 4 minutes a match.

Demo 0.1

  • Updated game icon.
  • Music added.

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