Avoid 'em all

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Avoid 'em all

Avoid 'em all is a "dodging them all" where to avoid oranges.


The goal is to make the best time.

User guide

The ball accelerates rain during your performance, and you will be able to pick up two types of bonuses to help you hold the longest!

On the screen are shown time and your life. Time simply indicates your survival time.

Life, contrary to what one might think, does not in any case be able to take oranges from time to time. This gauge gradually decreases if you are in one of the two sides of the touch screen: A coordinated 0 or 255 (on the left or right) will lead to the decrease of your life. If it reaches 0, you lose.

Bonuses are accrued when catching them. You can see at any time how much you have on the touch screen. They are of two kinds:

Green Apples: The game goes into slow for a specified time at the top of the lower screen. You can better identify you when there are many particles. You can get hit in this mode.

Red particles: You become invincible! The space of time (indicated at the top of the lower screen) you can get hit by any particle without losing the game. Effective in high performance, but does it succeed in catching. You can not, however, touch the edges of the screen without losing a life, this is a restricted area!


Stylus - move square

Left or Y - move left

Right or A - move right


Version 1.03 22/01/07

  • Fixed bug invincibility
  • Slight decrease in speed of transmission of the balls when they begin to break at high speed
  • Slight change graphics: to avoid the balls are orange, invincibility is represented by a red tomato and green apple slowdown

Version 1.02 10/01/07

  • The bonus is put in reserve. Use with left or right (using Y and A buttons for lefties).
  • Changing sounds when moving at slow speed (more immersive).

Version 1.0 10/01/07

  • Initial Release


Thank you to the entire community of PA

Thank you to chan

Thank you Mollusk for PA_Lib