The Curse Of Mamie's Island

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The Curse Of Mamie's Island

The Curse Of Mamie's Island is a homebrew minigame. There’s some Benny Hill music, Rabbids sound effects, an altered Curse of Monkey Island logo and a Mr.Freeze treat.

It was submitted to the Dev-fr coding competition with a swimsuit theme in 2010.

User guide

You are Gybrush Fripouille, the famous pirate, and your ship has just run aground on an uncharted island. The damage is considerable and you will have to find a way to buy a boat.

Fortunately, this island belongs to a generous billionaire: the nice Mamie Pognon.

Your only way to ever get back out to sea is to squeeze a lot of big money out of her in order to buy a brand new yacht. Unfortunately, Grandma already has a little favorite, to whom she spins all her owls...and you don't know who it is.

You are going to have to eliminate all the males from this island in order to be the only one to benefit from Granny's largesse...but how to do it?

What a coincidence! a terrible and frightening sea monster has just appeared and is causing panic on the beach! Usually you just need to throw him a few kraft envelopes for him to go away...but this time he's very angry, because everyone is doing nothing but pissing him off right now.

It is time to take advantage of the situation promptly enter your opponents by the swimsuit, pull the elastic like a slingshot, and project them into the jaws of the monster. Be careful, however, not to project a young midinette towards the monster!

The mere sight of its bare attributes would force you to overuse your Mr Freeze in order to lower your body temperature suddenly carried to the cleat by adrenaline and lust! Be careful, because your Mr Freeze is your guarantee of survival under this blazing sun!

No one can survive on this beach without his delicious and refreshing Mr finish your mission before you've consumed it all.

Once all your competitors have been eliminated, you will finally be able to hit the jackpot and leave, packing all the models with beautiful hair (but not only) who are on this island: The Super Class.


Operate with Stylus.



Tested on DSTT/TTDS (firmware 1.17a12).