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uo Snes9x
Authory, Ruka
Last Updated2010/06/07
Version0.02y33 build 0034

uo Snes9x is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator for the PSP.

Originally released by y, uo_Snes9x is an unofficial modified version of Snes9x based on Snes9x v0.02 for PSP written by Bifuteki (a port of Snes9x 1.43 for PC).

This is an experimental build made by Ruka based on y's uo_Snes9x y28, which focus on improving the operating speed.


  • Save states.
  • Custom menu background.
  • Custom key mappings.
  • Frameskip (auto or manual).
  • Screen size adjustment.
  • Show FPS.
  • Cheats.
  • Sound frequency adjustment.
  • CPU clock frequency adjustment.
  • Sound and graphics speed adjustment.
  • Other miscellaneous options.


Place the EBOOT.PBP file in a folder /PSP/GAME/SNES9X/ on your Memory Stick.

Place the rom files wherever you wish.

Support SNES ROM images in SMC, SFC, FIG. Also supports ZIP rom files, but it must only contain one file.

User guide

Menu options

Main menu:

  • SRAM Save.
  • Save Slot (0-7).
  • State Save.
  • State Load.
  • State Delete.
  • Save Thumbnail.
  • FrameSkip (1-10).
  • Auto FrameSkip (60FPS when on; Turbo Mode/no limitation when off).
  • Screen Size (Normal, Fit, 4:3, Full, etc).
  • Show FPS.
  • VSync.
  • Sound.
  • Sound Rate.
  • Transparency.
  • Graphic Speed (changes may result in errors, please use at your own risk).
  • Sound Speed (changes may result in errors, please use at your own risk).
  • PSP Clock (changes may damage the PSP as well as other peripherals, please use at your own risk).
  • Key Config (key assignments and AutoFire settings).


  • Apply Cheats (on/off).
  • Edit Cheats (on/off, edit address and value, delete).
  • Add Cheat (PAR).
  • Add GG Code (Game Genie(tm)).
  • Delete All Cheats (for selected rom).
  • Save as Default Settings.
  • Rom Selector.
  • Reset (reset game).
  • Exit to PSP Menu.

Note from developer:

Use the 333, 266MHz acceleration (standard is 222) option at your own risk.

The emulator will always run at 222MHz when after returning to PSP menu.

Menu Wallpaper

Place WALL.BMP in the same directory as this emulator, using the exact format (otherwise will result in errors).

  • 480x272 24bit Windows BMP format.
  • Header size 0x36byte (file size 391,734).

Creating the wallpaper with any standard application should result in an error free file. Once installed the wallpaper can not be adjusted, so please choose a wallpaper that is easy on the eyes.

About Save Files

In game SRAM save data (*.srm) is saved when you return to the PSP menu via the home key, select a different rom, and put the PSP into sleep mode.

So if a game hangs before you have a chance to do this the in game SRAM save data will not be saved. You can manually save SRAM save data by selecting SRAM SAVE from the menu screen.

  • State save data (*.00?) includes content of SRAM. Compatible with the original Snes9x.
  • Menu settings will be saved everytime a game is played (*_psp.cfg).
  • The default settings is stored in the same folder as EBOOT.PBP (uo_Snes9x.cfg).
  • All save files, cheats data (*.cht) will be automatically stored in the SAVE folder. Compatible with Snes9x.
  • Turning on the thumbnail save option will result in a compressed version of the screen being saved (*.tn?).



Triangle - X button

Square - Y button

Circle - A button

Cross - B button

D-Pad - D-Pad

Start - Start

Select - Select

L - L-Trigger

R - R-Trigger

Analog Up/Down - Increase/decrease Skip Frame

Analog Left - Open Menu

Analog Right - Auto FrameSkip on/off


Up/Down - Move the cursor

L/R - Cursor Jump

Left - Decrease, Enable selected value (on)

Right - Increase, Disable selected value (off)

Triangle - State save shortcut

Square - Increase state save slot

Circle - Enter

Cross - Return to Game

Start+Select - Return to PSP menu

Known issues

Increasing the Graphic Speed will result in freezing and draw errors, depending on the game and the screen being displayed, Graphic Speed x1.1 will result in errors.

If problems occur please make sure that the GraphicSpeed and the SoundSpeed are set to x1.0. GraphicSpeed and SoundSpeed settings are to be changed at your own risk.



  • Fixed minor corrections.


  • Supported Game Genie(tm) code.
  • Fixed problem with Mode7 blending.


  • Added cheats function.
  • Changed around the menu.
  • Fixed some GFX bugs and trivial optimization.
  • Other minor adjustments.


  • Added autofire function.
  • Fixed VSync process when GPU is used.
  • Other minor adjustments.


  • Improved GPU's display delay.
  • Fixed C4 wireframe process.
  • Other minor adjustments.


  • State saving correction when SA1 is used.
  • Optimization of expansion display.
  • Added Keyconfig functions.
  • Other minor adjustments.


  • Bilinear mode optimization.
  • Other minor adjustments.


  • Changed around menu.
  • PPU optimization adjustments by ruka.
  • Other minor adjustments.


  • Around sound adjustment.
  • Other minor adjustments.


  • Sound adjustment.
  • Fixed problems with sleep mode.
  • Saved default settings.


  • Changed around the state saving.
  • Fixed gettimeofday correction.
  • Sound adjustment.
  • Other minor adjustments.


  • Fixed some freeze correction.
  • Other minor adjustments.


  • Fixed draw tile correction.
  • Changed unzip progress.
  • Other minor adjustments.


  • Added support for problems with Hang-up.
  • Other minor adjustments.


  • Added support for HiRes Mode.
  • Other minor adjustments.


  • Added new screen modes.
  • Added menu wallpaper option.
  • Other minor adjustments.


  • Added state save, and thumbnail compression.
  • Other minor adjustments.


  • Fixed SDD-1 process.
  • Fixed problems with Sleep Mode.
  • Other minor corrections.


  • Fixed the problems with the wake-up process.
  • Fixed DSP-1, C4 process.
  • Fixed problems with the SRAM save function.
  • Other minor corrections.


  • Speed up State Save function.


  • Changed the area around the buttons.
  • Changed the frame skip configuration.
  • Speed up the file sorting by ruka.
  • Fixed the wake up function by Mirakichi.
  • Other minor corrections.


  • Automatic frame skip.
  • Other minor corrections.


  • Changed the screen size.
  • Deleted the state save.
  • Other minor corrections.


  • Added PSP clock adjustment.


  • Added save state thumbnails.
  • Added Analog and Digital pad swap.
  • Other minor corrections.


  • DSP1, FX confirmation.
  • HBlank, APU cycle switch over by J.
  • Settings saved with every game.
  • Fixed the power off save function.
  • Deleted the SPC7110, SETA.
  • Fixed small bugs.


  • Added SpC7110, SRTC, S-DD1, SETA, C4.
  • Did some work on the sound bit rate.
  • Other minor corrections.


  • Streamlining through shift calculations by Richa.
  • Sound muted while saving.
  • Other minor corrections.


  • Added transparency on/off option.
  • Added FPS display on/off option.
  • Changed the menu.
  • Other minor corrections.


  • Worked on fixing the freeze problem while in sleep mode.
  • Added sound on/off option.
  • Other minor corrections.


  • Added a menu.
  • Added status save option.
  • Created a fixed save folder.
  • Other small fixes.
  • Complete zip support by ruka.


  • Handling of hang up by Nanashisaso & Mirakichi.
  • Fixed problems with the sleep mode.
  • Added file selector.
  • Added zip support.


  • RIN by Mirakichi.
  • Unzip library for PSP by ruka.
  • Deflate/Inflate library by henoheno.
  • Everyone who published the source.
  • Snes9x team and Bifuteki for the SNES9X release for PSP.
  • Naga10 bit-map font.

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