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Vortex of Doom Generator
Last Updated2009/06/14
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This is a DS homebrew application that generates a vortex that spirals towards the center of the screen. You can change many different aspects of the vortex, and certain combinations will yield cool effects.


File lists:

  • vortex3.0.gba - GBA version. Program is multiboot-compatible.
  • DSVortex1.0.nds - Same as previous but uses the DS's full screen size. Only real difference is plotting speed.
  • DSVortexRot1.0.nds - Same as previous but rotates about the center of the screen.
  • Starfield1.0.nds - An extension of the rotated version that creates a starfield-like effect.

Download and extract file.

Copy it to the root directory of flash card.

User guide

There are 3 different vortex shapes. The first and second shapes look best with smaller point sizes, while the third one looks best with larger point sizes (10x10 and up).

For color points, White looks best at lower point sizes.

Specific Features

For DSVortexRot1.0.nds, the rotation adds several additional controls.

You can rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise by making the angle positive or negative.


This is merely an extension on the rotating vortex generator, creating a cool starfield-like effect on DS.

Most other buttons are disabled, but user can still change the size of each point.

Combinations Samples

There's tons of others. These are some examples to get started:

  • Press A twice, increase the size of the points to 15x15 or larger, and press R several times.
  • Press A once, then simply press R a few times. Eventually it will look like the Japanese flag. Best at 1x1 size.
  • Make the point size 1x1, press A twice, and press R twice. Best with white colors.


D-Pad - Change the size of each individual point plotted

B - Change the size by 5 instead of 1

L/R - Change the number of points that are plotted

A - Toggle between 3 vortex shapes

Select - Toggle between white and colored points

Start - Reset to defaults

For DSVortexRot1.0.nds:

X/Y - Change rotate speed

B - Change the angle faster


X/Y - Change the zoom speed


vortexgen2.png vortexgen3.png

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