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Last Updated2011/02/13
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Magic is a homebrew dedicated to magic tricks, it has several magic tricks that you can perform using your PSP. The homebrew also has a few songs on some tricks to fuel the mystery.

This was one of the contest entries for the Scenery Beta 2010 (PSP Games).


  • Perform magic tricks using your PSP.
  • Surprise yourself and others.
  • Multilanguage: Spanish, English and Catalan.

User guide

Magic tricks

The magic tricks are divided into 2 categories. The homebrew will guide you with instructions on how to do the tricks and become a PSP magician.

  • Let yourself be surprised - Contains 2 tricks called The list and Math, just let yourself go so you can be amazed.
  • Surprise your friends - Become a magician and impress your friends with curious tricks. At the moment there are Matemagica, The Day You Were Born and Las Velas.

Cheat Guide

The candles:

  • Two candles appear on the screen. The trick begins when two flames come out.
  • At first you will tell the participant to blow onto the screen, and you will make both candles go out by pressing L secretly.
  • You can then have the participant pick one of the candles and tell him/ her to blow. If the left candle was chosen, press the Down button.
  • If the right candle was chosen, press Cross button. Press Start to return to the menu.

The day you were born:

  • Ask the participant to enter his/her name in the PSP (without you letting go of the PSP at any time), a phrase with his/her name will appear scrolling across the screen.
  • At that time you must enter the day on which he/she was born. Let's say on the 24th, L+10 to the day, R+1. So to get 24 you will press L two times and R four more times.
  • While he/she thinks, press L and R to define the month in which he/she was born, L-1 and R+1. So for April, press R four times (for December, simply press L once). Then let the PSP do the rest.


  • Adapted from a Math trick with the same name. In this trick the PSP gives you, the magician, a space to say the number that the viewer has obtained.
  • Then add the first two figures that the viewer is asked to add.



D-Pad Left/Right - Change menu option

Cross - Choose option

Circle - Small description of the selected trick

Circle+L - Magic trick instructions (only in Surprise your friends)


L/R - Change selected language or background

Cross - Choose solid color

The rest of the controls are specified in the instructions for magicians.


Version 1.5

  • Modified intro.
  • eBoot.
  • Added the "Las Velas" cheat.
  • Correction of various errors.

Version 1.0

  • Initial release.


Songs have been chosen from, where the author has spoken with the owners and/ or authors of the songs and has personally given express permission.

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