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Last Updated2008/02/18
8.5 & 8.7 Download

NewsDictS is a Stardict Dictionary program running on DS.


  • Support for up to 100 dictionaries, all dics can looked up simultanously.
  • Integrated e-book reader with bookmark function and direct word lookup function.
  • Almost full unicode support in dictionaries and e-bookreader.
  • Integrated multiple choice vocabulary game.
  • Pronunciation support (English and Japanese).
  • Keyboard was enhanced to allow german character input.
  • No dictionary size limits.


Download and extract file.

DLDI patch .nds file and copy it to the root directory of the card.

Note: The older version 8.5 of newdicts is provided for Supercard Users.

User guide

You can switch between different dictionaries without the need to write the search-word again.

Add dictionary

Extract the files to the Dict folder in the NewDictS Folder. Then Run the 7zip installer and extract the .dz file in the .dict folder. When finished get rid of the .dz folder and keep the .dict folder.

Run the idxTOaoi file and open the .idx file in the .dict folder and extract the files. Now make sure the names are the same except make sure you have files of theses extensions:

.idx, .dict, .wrd, .aoi and .ifo.

Multi-language translator

For multi-language homebrew translator with fat support for DS, it uses StarDict dictionary files.

To get it running you need the appropriate file for your card. Create the folder NewDicts at the root of your card. In the folder NewDicts create a subfolder called dict and one called voice. It should look like this:

 |- NewDictS/
 |  |- dict/
 |  |- voice/ 

Download the tarball files and extract the files (not folder) into the /dict/ folder (up to 10 different dics are supported, prefix must be the same per dictionary).

The files with the .dz ending must be extracted and should be ended with .dict extension (try 7zip and delete .dz file afterwards).

Use idxTOaoi to convert .idx to .aoi file, save it into the /dict/ folder. Attention the .idx file size is limited to something smaller than 2.5 MB.

Make sure you have all the required files before running the homebrew.


Start - Select dictionary

Select - Switch ebook/definition background color

A - Run, Switch capital/small letter

Y - Switch different keyboards

X/B - (word index) One line up/down

Left/Right - Previous/next explanation page

Up/Down - Next explanation line

L - Pronounce word (if pronounciation icon is visable)

R - Click button twice to save e-book reading progress

Can be controlled with Stylus.

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