City Of Thieves

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City Of Thieves
AuthorRichel Bilderbeek
Last Updated2020/06/20

City Of Thieves is a text adventure game after the English gamebook with the same name by Ian Livingstone. The title is the fifth gamebook in the Fighting Fantasy series and was originally published in 1983.

The port version was first released in 2015, which is also available on Linux and Windows.

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City of Thieves is a fantasy scenario in which the hero is retained by the village of Silverton to save them from Zanbar Bone, lord of the undead; to do this, yiu must first travel to Port Blacksand to enlist the aid of the magician Nicodemus.

You take the role of an adventurer on a quest to find and stop the powerful Night Prince Zanbar Bone, a being whose minions are terrorizing a local town.

Hired by a desperate mayor, you must as the adventurer journey to the dangerous city-state of Port Blacksand (the titular City of Thieves), and find the wizard Nicodemus, who apparently knows of Bone's one weakness.

What follows is a series of challenges as you must locate certain key items, escape Port Blacksand and eventually confront Bone.


City of Thieves (Richel J.C. Bilderbeek)

Known issues

No save feature for NDS version.


v1.8 2020/06/20

  • Use of Makefile.
  • Build console, desktop and NDS version.

v1.2.1 2020/02/14

  • Minor cleanup.
  • Start of article.

v1.2 2019/08/09

  • Builds on Bionic.
  • Uses C++17.

v1.1 2019/06/01

  • Builds on Xenial.

v1.0 2017/12/30

  • Console version.
  • Desktop version.
  • NDS version.
  • Checked by Travis CI.

See also in-game changelog.


  • Richel Bilderbeek - Lead developer.
  • Jeroen Niemandal - Added auto fight.
  • Sander Kooi - Dutch translation.
  • Same Drenth - Dutch translation.
  • Redmar van Sinderen - Dutch translation.
  • Friedo - Dutch translation.
  • Carmen IJsebaart - Testing.
  • Greg Fivash - Testing.

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